Willow Tree Cake Topper Review : Should You Buy This Cake Topper?

Willow Tree Cake Topper Review : Should You Buy This Cake Topper?

One of the most important decorations when it comes to your wedding is the wedding cake. What’s even more important is the wedding cake topper that is used. In this Willow Tree cake topper review I’ll discuss one of the more popular and romantic of the wedding cake toppers which is offered by Willow Tree. I’ll also provide some of the advantages and disadvantages of this popular wedding cake topper. 

Willow Tree Cake Topper Review : Should You Buy This Cake Topper?

As I mentioned above the Willow Tree cake topper is very popular and looks absolutely amazing but should you use it for your wedding cake? I’ll give you more details below to help you decide.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions About this Willow Tree Cake Topper

What Color is the Hair? 

The hair color is just as it is pictured. A light brown color or slightly darker than dirty blonde on both persons.

Can the Hair Color Be Changed?

Unfortunately, the hair color can not be changed by the seller. Several people have added coloring themselves with success but it is not offered by seller.

How Tall Is This Cake Topper?

Dimensions are 4.8 x 7.5 x 4.8 inches

What is the Weight of This Cake Topper? 

The cake topper is relatively lightweight and less than a pound. If your wedding cake doesn’t have a stable base you may have problems but this is uncommon.

What Are Some of the Advantages of Using The Willow Tree Cake Topper?

One thing I really wanted to mention in this Willow Tree cake topper review is the romantic aspect of this piece. It looks amazing and placing it on an ordinary cake can really make an impact. Since the wedding cake topper becomes the focal point of the cake there isn’t as much need or decorations on the cake, or as much. The generic appearance of the couple also leaves a lot to the imagination as well leaving people a bit mesmerized when viewing it.

This wedding cake topper is relatively inexpensive and can be ordered from a variety of places. Amazon offers these wedding cake toppers through their Amazon Prime so you can get it shipped to you in just a few days. This wedding cake topper looks great, is inexpensive, and can be used in a variety of cake settings. It does come highly recommended.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using the Willow Tree Cake Topper?

Although the Willow Tree cake topper is great there are some things that fall a bit short. To start the base is only three inches wide. While this should not be a problem on stationary cakes if you plan on moving the cake around on a cart this may allow the cake topper to basically topple over. Other problems people have reported is that the cake topper arrived broken. Although this problem has been addressed lately by the Willow Tree company and their packaging has improved you’ll need to order the cake topper in advance of the wedding to ensure it is perfect for your wedding.

Overall Opinion of the Willow Tree Cake Topper

The Willow Tree Cake Topper is one of the best looking cake toppers available today. It has a generic appearance which really gives it a lot of intrigue and captures the attention of everyone it seems. It’s well made and inexpensive. Here at WeddingMB we do recommend this wedding cake topper for your wedding cake topper. Thanks for reading our Willow Tree cake topper review and to learn more about this product be sure to click here.

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