Why Hiring a Wedding Videography Should Be on Your Priority List

Planning for a wedding can be difficult. And when your budget is spread thin that planning enters an entirely new area where you may have to axe some items just to have others. With the cost of wedding going up seemingly everyday many couples are deciding to remove some key items from their wedding that they may consider fluff or splurge.

One of those items is wedding videography and many couples are even foregoing wedding photos just to save money on the wedding. Choosing to have a few photos snapped by family and friends instead. While this may be a great way to save money, chances are it’s something that you’ll likely to regret in years to come.

While couples think that their family and friends will take great photos, they may be wrong. With many smart phones today having great cameras with high resolutions, it seems like the decision couldn’t possibly go wrong. Until the day after your wedding day and you realize how horrible the photos turned out.

Why Hiring a Wedding Videography Should Be on Your Priority List

Nobody wants to go to a wedding with their phones in their hands taking pics for you. And chances are the pics that you do get from this sort of decision will be far from professional and likely to break your heart when you look at them later. And that’s just for photos, imagine some of the videos.

Our philosophy here at WeddingMB is that always splurge on something that matters to you and will matter to you when you look back years from now. In ten years after your wedding, you likely won’t be able to recall the wine flavor, the number of flowers on each table, or even the wedding cake flavor. But any type of wedding photos or videos will be the same as the day they were taken.

So making sure the wedding photos are kept in the budget is a must and if you really want to enjoy your wedding day for many years to come you’ll also hire a wedding videographer. Here are some common topics for couples who are considering hiring a wedding videographer for their wedding and why it’s so important.

Why Hiring a Wedding Videography Should Be on Your Priority List

Let’s consider you’re a couple that is interested in weddings in Sioux Falls and you’re planning out a great ceremony with family and friends. You’re checking wedding videography packages and not sure what you should get or how much you should spend. The questions below should help:

Is Wedding Videography Worth It

There are many things you can include or remove from any wedding. The couple’s budget plays a huge role in just what stays and goes for the most part. Cost of the item is always a factor as well. However, for wedding videography that you can enjoy for years and even decades later, it seems like one of the most important items to include in a wedding.

Wedding Video

What Do Wedding Videography Cost?

When it comes to wedding videography there are many different providers and each of them have different pricing and packages you can choose from. These packages usually start from just a small video slideshow of your wedding photos to full blown videos which have integrated music and more. Talk with your wedding videographer to learn more about the services they offer and how much they cost. Most times the cost of the photographer and videographer are similar and based on how many hours and people they have at the ceremony and reception for the wedding.

What is Included in a Wedding Videography Package?

When you purchase a wedding videography package from a provider they will likely have a list of items that are included in the package. This will list the hours or minutes of raw video that is recorded which is usually provided when requested. It will also include smaller videos that have been patched together for more of an entertainment value when viewing with others. Other popular videos include ‘how you got there’ and the day in video leading up to the wedding. Just like wedding photos, the more you get the better.

Having a moment at the wedding and getting it captured on video can be amazing and one of those things you watch over and over again. Make sure you decide to hire a wedding videographer for your wedding so you can look back years from now and experience the same emotions that you experienced on that special day. Wedding videography is definitely worth it and you should certainly consider for your wedding.

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