Use a Wedding Photographer at More Than One Place

Getting married and having a wedding ceremony is great and you’ll get many great images and pictures by using a wedding photographer. But that’s not all a wedding photographer can do and making the most of other poses and places can really help to enhance the experience. Many photographers will plan a photo shoot after a wedding ceremony and capture some images during the ceremony and at the reception but there are so many more things you can do.

First, consider getting couples pictures taken together a day or two before the actual event takes place. One of the best photographers in Singapore Annabel Law wedding photographer says in a blog post that doing some crazy poses can really help capture the relationship. Here are some of the poses that are recommended:

  • Arm Around Neck
  • Laughing at Each Other
  • Carry the Bride
  • Romantic Gaze at Each Other
  • Being Silly
  • Walking Together

These are just some of the poses that she recommends. And the best part is that these photos can be taken days before the actual wedding. This can also give you an insight into how much effort the wedding photographer would put in. Capture your relationship before, during, and after the wedding to tell your complete love story with photographs.

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