Tips for Creating Amazing Arrangements of Wedding Flowers

A wedding simply isn’t a wedding without flowers to brighten up the venue. Even some of the most rustic or industrial looking venue can be changed dramatically with wedding flowers. Hiring a floral company to handle the arrangement and the flowers at your wedding is great if you can afford it. However, many of flowers arrangements you can actually do yourself and save lots of money. In this article I’ll go over some tips that you can use to create your own amazing flower arrangements for your wedding. 

Wedding Flowers: Tips for Creating Amazing Arrangements

The first you’ll need to do is catch up a bit on flowers in general and how they react in certain conditions. For instance, hydrangeas are extremely popular but they also won’t last long when they have been cut and not hydrated. In fact, you only have a few hours until they start to wilt. If you’re making lots of centerpieces with this flower then they may start wilting before you’re done with them all. Finding the perfect flower in your arrangement that will last and look great is key.

Should You Use Aromatic Flowers in Your Wedding Decorations?

Another popular trend that many couples want at their wedding is aromatic flowers. There are some things you’ll need to consider when choosing aromatic flowers for your wedding however and the biggest is the guests. Not all of your guests will enjoy the smell of Jasmine flowers or Gardenias. In fact, some of your guests may even start sneezing, itching, watering at the eyes (not because they’re crying mind you). When making flower arrangements be sure to keep this in mind. If you really want to use highly aromatic flowers then consider using them in areas that can be avoided by guests who they bother. Places such as the bouquet or outlying walkways are good.

Using Colorful Wedding Flowers in Your Bouquet

Creating your own bouquet is great. It gives you an opportunity to really showcase your flower arrangement abilities and it means so much more when you’re standing there ready to marry the person of your dreams. There are some things you’ll need to consider when creating your own wedding bouquet however. The first thing is the colors you’ll use in the bouquet. One of the most taken photographs at a wedding is the bride holding the wedding bouquet in front of her while in her wedding dress. Now consider if your wedding bouquet was white and red roses and your wedding dress was also white. Without proper shadows your bouquet is going to look more like red polka dot flowers in front of you ruining this iconic shot. Consider making a few test bouquets first to test it out.

Get More Information on Wedding Flowers and a Do It Yourself Wedding

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