Wedding Catering Buffet : Is it a Good Idea?

Wedding Catering Buffet : Is it a Good Idea

Most couples today realize that a wedding caterer is a needed expense. There are so many things that a caterer can provide that make it extremely difficult for the average person to pull off. After all, who wants to stay up all hours of the night cooking before your wedding? So, one thing that many couples are considering these days are buffet style reception dinners. There are some drawbacks to have a wedding catering buffet meal and I’ll explain more in this article.

Wedding Catering Buffet : Is it a Good Idea?

One thing that most people can agree on is that we don’t always agree on everything right? This is true with food especially and the larger your invite list is then the larger the displeasure will be with the food. It seems that not everyone likes the same food. Surprise, Surprise. And because not everyone likes the same food, many people decide to go with a buffet style dinner at their reception. If you’re having a wedding in Myrtle Beach then this is certainly something you’ll need to consider.

You’ll likely have at least a few people who have allergies to gluten or dairy. You’ll also likely have a few people who are vegetarians or vegans. And if you’re planning on inviting children to your wedding then you’ll need at least some sort of variety for those kids. Chicken nuggets will usually satisfy them all but not always. Keep a variety open just in case. No one wants a temper tantrum thrown at their wedding reception when things are supposed to be happy and loving!

For your romantic Myrtle Beach wedding there is something that you’ll also need to consider when getting a wedding catering buffet dinner and that is price. The price of buffet style dinners can sometimes be higher because of the variety that will be served. You may be able to get the cost down a bit however by limiting some foods from the wedding catering buffet.

Talk to the wedding caterer and ask about their prices and if a full buffet is offered. You may also be able to get certain items on the buffet that are higher end as well. Be sure to check out some of the Myrtle Beach caterers we have featured on our website today.

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