Wedding Catering on a Budget with BBQ

Getting married and starting your journey in life with your partner is a very special day. In fact, it’s likely the most important day in you and your partner’s life. That’s why there is so much planning and making sure everything is on point and perfect for your wedding. Of course, getting the very best of everything can be quite expensive, especially when it comes to things such as the wedding reception. But planning your wedding on a budget or having certain items on budget doesn’t mean it can’t be great. Quite the opposite if you’re planning on using BBQ catering in Dallas for your wedding catering needs. You can get the best of both worlds with great, quality food that everyone enjoys and a price point that doesn’t bankrupt your wedding before the final dance. 

Wedding Catering on a Budget with BBQ

If there is one thing that Texas is known for when it comes to food is the barbecue that’s cooked there. It’s almost a staple in the Lone Star state and it’s been that way for decades. For places like WeddingBBQ it’s not only a staple but it’s also their competition class food that has won many awards and it’s easy to see why. The BBQ is cooked slowly and seasoned to perfection so your guests will enjoy some BBQ that usually goes to judges at food competition. While this may seem like an expensive alternative to ordinary catering of dried chicken or soggy fish, it’s not. In fact, getting wedding catering for your special day doesn’t need to be expensive at all when using WeddingBBQ. Their rates start at only $12.99 per person for this great tasting barbecue that you’re sure to get compliments for.

The Most Important Decision of Your Wedding Reception

There are some important decisions when it comes to your wedding. The dress, and choosing the bridal party can be extremely important. But while those choices are for the entire wedding, one of the biggest choices when it comes to the reception is the wedding caterer. Imagine going to a wedding where there wasn’t much to eat or what there was to eat was simply distasteful and bad. Cutting the budget on your wedding doesn’t mean you need to have food that no one enjoys. It simply means you’ll need to choose your wedding caterer more wisely. One of the best wedding caterers that can give you exactly what everyone enjoys at a price that you can live with is WeddingBBQ. They are simply the best BBQ catering in Dallas and their prices are great.

When it comes to your wedding be sure that when you attempt to cut corners and stick to a budget that you don’t count out barbecue for the reception. Catering with BBQ can save money and your guests will absolutely love the food from WeddingBBQ.

“Make your  wedding spectacular with folks talking about it for months to come with our award winning competition quality barbeque that everyone asks for.”
-Bradley Shaw, Owner of WeddingBBQ

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