Ultimate Guide on Planning Your Wedding Music and DJ

It’s no secret that music is an important element. After all, your wedding reception music plays a role in the overall ambiance and experience. Since deciding what music to play at your wedding reception can be difficult, we have created an ultimate guide to help you.

Ultimate Guide on Planning Your Wedding Music and DJ

Whether you and your spouse share a favorite band or have a song or two that reminds you of them, it’s important to incorporate meaningful songs into your wedding reception music. Even if you and your spouse don’t have a special band or song, consider adding songs that were popular during the time you fell in love and got engaged to your reception playlist. Talk with your DJ about including these songs in the mix.

Current Popular Songs

Speaking of popular songs, nothing will get a crowd excited more than songs that are currently trending. In other words, browse the current charts to curate a list of songs that have recently become popular and talk with your DJ about previous wedding they have done and the involvement. Not only will this bring a sense of familiarity to your guests, but top charting songs typically have a good beat to dance to.

Choose Personal Preference Over Popularity

While including popular songs is usually a favorable choice among couples, don’t sacrifice personal preference for popularity. In other words, if you and your spouse prefer a specific type of music genre or songs that aren’t necessarily popular, then choose that music over popular songs for your wedding reception. After all, your wedding reception music should perfectly represent you and your spouse’s relationship.

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Test Your Playlist

Once you’ve compiled a list of songs in a playlist, consider testing it out. You could play your wedding reception music by yourself with your spouse, or even play it for your close friends and family. This will let you experience and evaluate the cohesiveness of your reception music. Additionally, if you listen to your reception music before your wedding, you will have time to change anything if you see fit.

Accept Requests

Even if you make the perfect playlist for your wedding reception music, consider accepting requests. You could ask guests for music requests prior to your wedding or even during the reception. Regardless of when guests can request music, allowing guests to request music will help them become more excited about your wedding.

Consider a Wedding DJ Melbourne

Even if you’re confident in your playlist making skills, consider hiring a wedding DJ and MC Melbourne. Hiring the best wedding DJ Melbourne to curate your wedding reception music is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Firstly, a professional wedding DJ will be able to evaluate the music you and your spouse enjoy in order to curate a playlist that represents the music you love, as well as entertain your guests.

Additionally, a professional wedding DJ allows you and your spouse to enjoy your wedding reception instead of having to worry about the playlist. After all, you never know when there might be technological difficulties. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not the song for your first dance or father-daughter dance is going to play at the right time. Instead, leave these concerns and responsibilities to a professional DJ.

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