Top 6 Maxi Dresses from Mark and Roberts to Wear This Week

In a dilemma what to wear to a social event? Do not worry at Mark and Roberts you are safe and fully clothed from head to toe. You just need to take a peek in your closet and you will find one. How? Well, maxi dresses are not made only for the purposes of wedding affairs; you can wear the long dresses to your friend’s party as well some casual happening with our help of course. These kinds of gowns are usually popular in the summer months or during any season of the year.

  1. Burgundy

Just take a look at the burgundy and you are instantly a fan. It is a color that reminds of wine and we all know how a quality wine can be good. If you are not getting prepared for an affair you are attending, you can wear this shade and make a hell of an appearance. You can wear this one as a bridesmaid or special stand-alone maid of honor maxi dress. We selected accessories that had that pale silvery-gold look with pave touches.  For a slightly laid back style, we would put a long necklace with this and dangling earrings.

  1. Scarlet Fever

I are in full swing of fall, and the thought of wearing heavy dark clothes or the cozy colors of fall still has no appeal to me; even though they are starting to show up in stores! Instead, it is still time to wear those pretty pinks, reds, oranges on your dresses. I put this outfit together for anyone looking for a fresh look that would be ideal for afternoon into evening hour reception or even for a beach wedding that is slightly more formal. When put on dresses, red always looks powerful and refreshing, and ladylike. I have also highlighted the colors more with neutral colors of accessories and a bit of soft ceramic blue thrown in. Just order a mint mojito, or a cool cucumber infused drink and you will feel cool in your maxi sensation.

  1. Cashmere Rose

This maxi dress is our winner in both regards! It features an elegant draped style hemline, pretty spaghetti straps and tailored bodice. I love its delicious rose color. It is most certainly the ideal mix of a beautiful maxi that is sure to get the thumbs up from your date. Furthermore it also has the sort of effortless look in elegant dresses that social happenings and its fashion and style requires. For this look I have chosen oversize earrings and a long pave necklace together with a beaded bracelet and a great cut out clutch. For the shoes, I can seem to get away from a nude strappy pump, but it could also be a good time to try out a block heel since it will avoid the sticking in the grass. This is of those types of dresses who is all set for indoor or any outdoor receptions in any setting and any time of day.

  1. Biscay Bay

This transcendent blue is called ‘Biscay Bay’ – a calming shade of blue described as a weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, this particular color comforts with a tranquilizing effect, bringing a feeling of respite even in turbulent times. When put in dresses, it provides us with a naturally connected sense of space. It really sounds like a dreamy color to wear in fall! To represent it, I have picked this beautiful beaded maxi which brings in the beaded trend and a modern style. The official color for gowns pairs so well with silver. You can wear it as a bridesmaid or as a glitzy option for a black tie wedding guest. It would also be a beautiful choice for a beach formal wedding!

  1. Oak Buff

Maxi is never a mistake, especially in this oak buff, a color that is cozy and gives a comforting shade of fall, and is excellent for formal affairs. Oak buff is the perfect color in dresses and for this time of the year to wear, mostly because it represents the color of the leaves in fall.

I think that just looks like the perfect color choice for a bridesmaid in a garden fall wedding, or provided that the bridesmaids may not wear a similar look, then for a guest outfit! If you ask me it is one of the best long dresses at Mark and Roberts. Paired with some soft colors, or some golden jewelry to give this look an effortlessly chic style that would be the perfect for outdoor as well as indoor held happenings!

  1. Baby Blue

Long dresses can be incredibly versatile! It could be the most beautiful of all gowns for a less formal or formal event – the wavy skirt is a great choice for a wedding venue, it would also make a fantastic mother of the bride maxi – the ruffled cap sleeve wrap styling is so flattering.

Lastly, it would be perfect for a reception held in fall, summer or even an early spring affair – the fabric makes it fine for daytime into evening. I have paired it with gold wedges to be beach-friendly, and some gold statement pieces, with some turquoise to pick up that fantastic color. Take one glance and you are immediately in love. These dresses at Mark and Roberts really are a stunner.


Once you go at Mark and Roberts track, you never go back. They truly have one of the best dresses collections and their maxi collection is dreamy. To be honest, I am always purchasing my card when I visit their website, so sue me, I am a shopaholic. Do not blame me, blame it on the prisoning beauty of their dresses.

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