Top 15 Colors to Rock on a Maxi Dresses

Even if you are not following the latest trends, you can never go wrong with the colors since this winter 2017 fashion trend includes lots of bold and dark colors and you can easily pull it off. Take a look at our top color picks from the beautiful maxi dress collection at Mark and Roberts:

  1. Metalic Silver

This is a futuristic color that has been included in the Louis Vuitton fall/winter 2015-2016 collection on the Paris Fashion Week runway. You can’t miss the silver shimmer on peacoats that glittered with every step taken on Saint Laurent fashion show a couple of months back. This futuristic maxi really differs from the other dresses at Mark and Roberts.

  1. Amethyst Orchid

The lovely and feminine Amethyst is not only reserved for jewelry, it is shaping up as awesomely sophisticated color trends. This intriguing color has shades of sensuality in it which dare not be missed at the Fashion Week runways. Creative and exciting, the Amethyst Orchid is showing its impact on dresses, shawls and even boots. However, it looks perfect on this Mark and Roberts maxi.

  1. Black

How can one forget the timeless black which is a constant trend at the runway and we saw it at the marvelous dresses collection at Mark and Roberts. I have traced in black and white leather pieces to satin. The black is mystery, elegance and class and this maxi is above.

If you ask me, a black is a black however, it cannot be compared to those pieces of long dresses at Mark and Roberts. Once again, the category of dresses is done (more than) right.

  1. Desert Sage

When green and gray come together, what evolves is Desert Sage. It is the best neutral color available as part of the dresses at Mark and Roberts. They are a pure beauty and are meant for the discerning. Off all the colors on dresses which I have previously seen, this one has the most spectacular shade.

  1. Cadmium Orange

The trendiest of all trends in gowns, Cadmium Orange has a dynamic sense of optimism to it that would smile back on you. It is a playful color wrapped in fun and fantasy that’s appealing and gentle to the eye. That is why some designers have pursued this color in their gowns.

  1. Marsala

Appointed as the Pantone Color of the year, the wine-colored Marsala needs no introduction. This earthy red-brown color has an unusual flair for drama which shows in the costumes as a part of spring summer fashion trends. Marsala is all about sophistication, texture, and matte finish. This color in a maxi is also about glamour and luxury, which is why it appeared in the dresses collection at mark and Roberts.

  1. Oak Buff

When was the last time you experienced sunshine making its way out of a fierce storm? The Oak Buff is yet another of the fashion trends in the mellow and comforting dresses – the one that inspires positive emotions and cheer. At Mark and Roberts I saw beautiful shades of the Oak Buff and converted it into dresses.

  1. Cashmere Rose

Roses have been so much an integral part of color trends that it holds a touch of divine and posh looking. The soft pink color is an absolute miss-not. Chanel is one fashion designer who has utilized cashmere rose to the best way possible, in dresses and shoes. Straight from the runways, I see this calming shade at the long dresses collection at Mark and Roberts.

  1. Biscay Bay

The teal hue of Biscay Bay exudes beautiful cool touch in the fall and the winter pieces. With a slight presence of green and the blue hues, the confidence of wearing floral prints with a sea background can be salivating.

  1. Dried Herb

The olive-green color might remind you of the elegant dresses worn by the military and the Khaki worn while going to the hills and mountains, but in the form of Dried Herb is making a statement as a part of the significant dresses trends. Earthy and grounded, this sophisticated color is a fashion staple for runways of New York, London, Paris to Milan and brings a cool impression to any maxi. Take for instance, this maxi at Mark and Roberts.

  1. Stormy Weather

This color, gray and cool, signifies an overcast day. But it is a strong color that is dependable, calm and perfect for the women in power who like to display their strength from their wardrobe. The rich gray that you see has been spotted on many celebrities. This beautiful shade of grey is perfect to wear in fall and winter – from daytime to the evening. Once you see the maxi color at runways, and the other you see it at Mark and Roberts. Lucky you, is time for some shopping.

  1. Burgundy

This particular color might be its confidence-begetting property or the feature to work perfectly well with nigh any other shade that has greatly stimulated the majority of fashion designers to include this cool shade in their collections. This max has the most beautiful shade of fall. It reminds of wine, and we know how good can be a quality wine.

  1. Scarlet Fever

This shade of red is simply mesmerizing. This is the color of passion, seduction and sin. Women who wear this color in a maxi are usually full of energy, reckless and daring. Wearing red also boosts your confidence which will make you look seductive effortlessly.

  1. Butterscotch

You will look simply ravishing in the beautiful shade of yellow. You will be the autumn queen at every type of event. This color represents the beautiful colors of the leaves of the fall and you will most certainly differ from anyone wearing this shade.

  1. Magenta

This is the craziest fall color of all. If you look back and you will find color trends dripping with creativity and intriguing presentations. Each designer has been able to bring in imaginative gowns in pink creations on a glittering catwalk with plenty of audience sitting in the visitor’s gallery.

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