The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Destination Wedding in Portugal

Planning a wedding is hard enough, but the actual wedding day isn’t the only thing you have to take in account when getting ready to get married. In addition to planning your big day, you also have to plan your honeymoon. Having a destination wedding Portugal is a great idea but you’ll want to get local wedding planners to help out. Here are some tips to help!

  1. Make and Compare Lists

Before researching and planning a destination wedding in Portugal, simply make a list of places you would like to travel with your spouse and have them to the same. Once you each have a list, simply compare them. If there are any destinations you both wrote on your lists, these should be definite contenders for where you spend your honeymoon. If you don’t have any shared destinations, simply choose a few from each list you both agree on.

  1. Define Your Budget

Budget plays a key role in choosing your honeymoon destination. Even if you already have a list of destinations that you and your spouse agree on, you should define a budget before researching and planning a honeymoon at one of those places.

If you need help creating a budget, consider any future plans and expenses you have for your lives together. For example, consider whether you and your spouse plan on purchasing a home or renovating your current home in the near future. Additionally, consider whether you and your spouse want to have a child or add more children to your family soon.

Even if you have a low budget, a honeymoon is possible. You could even create a honeymoon registry, which would allow your wedding guests to contribute to your honeymoon fund.

  1. Don’t Let Cheap Airfare or Hotels Fool You

Sometimes, couples jump the gun on cheap airfare or hotels in their ideal honeymoon destination. Although these prices might be tempting and appealing, they could end up backfiring once you’re on your honeymoon. For example, that cheap airplane ticket might take you to an airport that’s extremely far from your hotel, which means you will most likely have to pay more for transportation once you’re there. Additionally, a cheap hotel might be further from restaurants and activities. This also means that additional transportation could end up costing more than if you booked a more costly hotel.

  1. Consider All-Inclusive Resorts

All-inclusive resorts are a great honeymoon destination option because the price accounts for accommodation, food, beverages, and most of the time activities. Additionally, most all-inclusive resorts offer honeymoon packages that will create the perfect private romantic atmosphere that most couples seek in their honeymoon.

  1. Factor Time Off

When choosing a honeymoon destination, factor how much time you can take off work. While most employers will be accommodating to employees who request time off for their honeymoon, some employers might not be as accommodating if you plan on taking off for an extended period of time, have already taken a lot of sick and vacation days, or plan on going on your honeymoon during a peak time for your job. That being said, make sure to be transparent with your employer and have a solid back-up destination and honeymoon plan if you can’t take the time off to go on your dream honeymoon.

  1. Research

Even if you and your spouse are set on a honeymoon destination, take the time to research everything you can about the area, hotel, and activities. Additionally, research aspects about the destination that are relevant to honeymoon experiences. There are a ton of travel review sites, as well as wedding blogs, that will provide you with this information. But if you really want the best wedding possible take a look at the Wedding Venue Beach Castle Portugal site for wedding planning and more!



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