Stick To Your Style With Basic Invite

Don’t compromise on style when you pick out your wedding event invitations! There are many parties, dinners, and showers to plan, and your time is precious. But that doesn’t mean you should send out invites that are sub par. Basic Invite is online retailer that makes it possible to send out beautifully designed, customized invites that are true to your unique style — all while sticking to your schedule and budget. 

Color Matters

color matters

One of the most important aspects of an invitation is color. For all of your wedding events, send invitations that stick to the wedding’s color palette. That goes for the bachelorette party and custom bridal shower invitations too, even if it’s someone other than the bride hosting the gathering. Basic Invite has a selection of 180 colors that can be used as you customize your invitation. The envelopes even come in a variety of 40 colors.

Introduce Your Theme

Introduce Your Theme


When your guest receives your invitation in the mail, they should get a feel for the theme of your event right away. The card’s size, shape, weight, and texture will all add to their perception of the event to come. If you’re planning a luxurious, formal affair, let your guests know what to expect early on with a stunning engagement party invitation. Then, stick to the theme with all of the following correspondence.

Illustrations and Photographs

Illustrations and Photographs

Your wedding events are all about celebrating the love between yourself and your partner. As a couple, you have a signature style. You might not even know it! Think about what makes you you — and then play that up in your wedding invitations. Are you a country couple, rarely seen without your cowboy boots on? Showcase your personality in your bachelorette invitations.

Send out invites that you love, that are true to your style. Online invitation services, like Basic Invite, make that possible by giving you all of the tools, designs, and help that you could ask for.

Customize each party invite so that it is tailored to fit your style exactly. You can preview the card instantly online or order a printed copy! Save time and cut down on stress, yet still get the product that you want. Have fun browsing through the Basic Invite collection of over 800 invitations!


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