Personalised Wedding Gifts are Always Better…. Here’s Why

These days when you go to a bridal shower, wedding, or even a baby shower chances are most of the gifts that are given are basically the same. In fact, some would estimate the gifts that are given at these events are basically about 90% of what everyone else gets. Maybe it’s because of re-gifting or maybe it’s because people just don’t care enough to put a little more thought into the gifts.

The few people that break the mold and actually give a better gift are usually close friends or family and you can just tell they put just a little more time and thought into their gifts. This is usually because they gave personalised wedding gifts rather than the same old mass produced products anyone can find on Amazon or their local big block franchise store. Having someone who gives a gift like this is always better. Here are some reasons why it makes such a huge difference.

Personalised Wedding Gifts are Always Better…. Here’s Why

If you get a load of gifts from your wedding party and some of them are the same you’ll need to return them. Most large retailers offer returns on things like this but it means the price and every detail about the product is now exposed. While it may seem like a great gift, it may not have cost that much. Which isn’t a problem in itself but when you need to return multiple items simply because you got more than one of a particular item it can be quite frustrating.

In fact, look on Amazon at some of the best wedding gifts which is what most people will also do. Click on the first couple of listings and chances are that’s what the general gifts will be for most people. So why would you want to follow the crowd and give the same gifts to people simply because everyone else is doing it. It’s time to break that mold and the best way to do that is with a personalised wedding gift.

Toater Wedding Gift

When you give a personalised wedding gift usually the price is not important. Because you take a few extra minutes and find something that fits the person and couple can make a huge difference. Let’s face it, would you rather receive a toaster as a gift that is $50 or a cutting board which has your name or your favorite quote, etc.. Even if the cutting board was half the price of the toaster it means so much more.

And even though personalised wedding gifts are not that much expensive they appear to be much more expensive. So not only will you be giving a gift that is more emotional and thoughtful chances are it won’t cost much more than a standard gift that will just be thrown to the side.

While personalised wedding gifts were once hard to obtain and you also had to wait ages to get them which meant that you needed to place an order well in advance of the gathering, today it’s much easier. In fact, most personalised wedding gifts can be shipped right to your door in just days rather than weeks or months. Check out some of the personalised wedding gifts to find something that can truly make an impact on the next party you attend.

Personalised Wedding Gifts


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