Relieve Some Wedding Stress with the Best Wedding Registry

Getting engaged to be married can be romantic, dreamy, and whimsical time. Unfortunately, when it comes to planning a wedding those feelings soon turn from excitement to stress and frustration. One of the problems that many couples face when planning a wedding is making sure they get a wedding registry set up and going. The problem is there was never a go-to site or resource. Most stores offer a wedding registry but you’ll soon find out that finding one single wedding registry is a must and the best wedding registry online today that can do that is I’ll outline below why I think this is the best wedding registry and why you should start using it. 

Camo Wedding Rings for Those Who Love the Outdoors

Do you really love the outdoors? Maybe you consider a day hunting or fishing more fun than a shopping trip to the mall. For couples who have connected and love the outdoors they may consider camo wedding rings for their Myrtle Beach wedding. There are a few things you may need to consider if you’re interested in camo wedding rings for your wedding and I’ll cover those concerns in this article. 

Special Offer: Get $1 Off Heel Protectors for Your Wedding

An outdoor wedding can be truly amazing. The fresh air and sunlight basking on your shoulders can really make an extrodinary day really magical. Unfortunately, for many women who wear heels at events such as weddings the day can turn into a disaster. Most outdoor weddings and receptions typically happen on grass which as you probably know can be really difficult if you’re wearing heels. But now it doesn’t need to be. Heel protectors can now be worn on your heels to protect them and also help you walk on these surfaces. For a limited time you can also get a discount on heel protectors here

Knowing Wedding Cake Prices Will Help with Your Wedding Expenses

Wedding cake prices can vary tremendously based on a number of factors. The average wedding cake price according to the Bridal Association of America is $543. And since there are so many different designs, ingredients, fees, etc.. your wedding cake prices could be more or even less. I’ll go over some of the things that make wedding cakes more expensive and how you can save money on your wedding cake. 

Find the Right Dress at Bridal Shops in Myrtle Beach SC

Find the Right Dress at Bridal Shops in Myrtle Beach SCIf you don’t like the dress you’re going to wear in your wedding then it’s time to do something drastic! No, I’m not talking about ripping your old dress to shreds or eating a pint of butter pecan ice cream but maybe it’s time to do what I like to do best: go shopping! Listed in this post are some of the best bridal shops in Myrtle Beach SC and surrounding areas.

Finding the perfect dress isn’t easy and you may try on many, many wedding dresses before you find the perfect one. So I decided to list some of best places to get a wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses here in Myrtle Beach. If you’re going to have a wedding in Myrtle Beach then these shops can certainly help you find that perfect dress.

Find the Right Dress at Bridal Shops in Myrtle Beach SC

Finding a dress is one of the most exciting times for a bride. You get that ‘princess’ feeling and the beauty of the moment seems to hit you right in the heart. It makes all the planning and preparation seem insignificant because once you put on that dress everything changes. That moment just became real and you’re really doing this. Ahh, the memories! But enough about feelings! Let’s show some wedding dresses in Myrtle Beach.

Some of the following businesses do more than just wedding dresses. You may be able to get a completewedding package in Myrtle Beach from some if you like. Others will also include catering or wedding cake designs in Myrtle Beach.

So without further ado, here is the list of bridal shops in Myrtle Beach SC

Foxy Lady

Although Foxy Lady has been around Myrtle Beach for quite some time many people don’t know how much of a selection they have. The wedding dresses and attire they offer here are great and it’s one of the few shops in the area that has great online access to the wedding dresses as well. This is one of the best bridal shops in Myrtle Beach SC so be sure to stop by if you’re in the market for a wedding dress in Myrtle Beach.
Amanda’s Collection

Want a full service bridal shop in Myrtle Beach? Try Amanda’s Collection for one of the best selections of bridal wear. Although it’s not located in Myrtle Beach it is located a short drive away in neighboring Conway. Be sure to look at some of the photos in the wedding gallery that showcase some of the dresses at Amanda’s Collection.
Fancy Frocks

With a name like Fancy Frocks, this place must be awesome! Fancy Frocks is another bridal shop in Myrtle Beach that isn’t located in the heart of the city. But it’s located just a few miles away in Murrells Inlet SC. Like Amanda’s Collection listed above, Fancy Frocks also has an online gallery that you can look at which showcases some of their products.


If you’re ready for an romantic Myrtle Beach wedding then be sure to visit the bridal shops in Myrtle Beach SC that are listed above and find your perfect wedding dress.

Myrtle Beach Wedding Cakes : Find the Perfect Cake

Myrtle Beach Wedding Cakes : Find the Perfect CakeYour wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It’s the moment when a couple seals their future together and starts a new life together. Choosing to have a Myrtle Beach wedding is great but getting everything in order to have a perfect wedding means you’ll certainly want the best of the Myrtle Beach wedding cakes. I’ll go over a few of the places you can get an incredible wedding cake for your wedding at Myrtle Beach. 

Where to Get Myrtle Beach Wedding Cakes

The following places are from the Myrtle Beach area and are not listed in any specific order. Each one can provide you with some of the best Myrtle Beach wedding cakes that are available. Be sure to look at each website and view their gallery to see previous work.

Cakes By the Sea

If you’re looking for a wedding cake in Myrtle Beach area be sure to check out Cakes by the Sea. It’s owned by Kris and Terry Veigel and they have been serving the area with great cakes for some time. Give them a call today and speak with them about your wedding cake needs at 843-390-5501

Murray and Mikes Catering

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive Myrtle Beach wedding package then you may want to consider Murray and Mike’s Catering and DJ Services. Not only can you get a great looking cake but you can also get the wedding catering and DJ services taken care of as well. A great addition to the services they offer is with a drone taking photographs of the wedding or other special event. Some of their specialty cakes look amazing as well. Be sure to give them a call at 843-685-7064 for more information on your wedding cake.

Crumb Buns Bakery

This is one of the more focused bakeries that we’ve seen here at The main focus is on wedding cakes in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas as well as other custom cakes. If you’re looking for that unique, custom creation then be sure to check out Crumb Buns Bakery. They can provide you with an amazing looking cake at a great price as well. You can reach them by calling 843-663-0886 or by clicking the link above to go to their website which also has their email listed.

Still Can’t Choose?

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect wedding cake then you may want to consider getting a custom cake. Any of the providers above will do a custom wedding cake in Myrtle Beach and it will be unique to you and your partner. If you have a suggestion on a baker that needs to be listed here or the information provided above is incorrect please contact us and we’ll get it straightened out.

Finding the Perfect Photographers in Myrtle Beach SC

Finding the Perfect Photographers in Myrtle Beach SCYour wedding day can be perfect. You’re in the wedding dress that you picked out and the wedding cake looks amazing. The day is all set and you’re ready to have an amazing Myrtle Beach wedding. Then you realize that the wedding photographer you hired isn’t what you thought and your memories will be just a few snapshots with a cell phone rather than an awesome wedding photography package. That’s why choosing photographers in Myrtle Beach SC is such a difficult task. However, we’ve put together a few tips that can help you choose the perfect photographer for your wedding at the beach.

Finding the Perfect Photographers in Myrtle Beach SC

If you’re like most people looking back on your wedding may seem like something that you’ll remember always. Unfortunately on your wedding day things may be so hectic and hurried that it may fly by like a flash. Leaving you with all sorts of things that you missed. Some of the best photographers in Myrtle Beach are the ones that can capture all those short and sweet moments in pictures and give them to you. Some areas you won’t even be aware of will be photographed which means  you’ll have that much more to enjoy as you look back through the images. Here are some tips to finding the perfect photographers in Myrtle Beach.

Get a Professional Photographer

Many of the Myrtle Beach wedding packages have a photographer included. However, on lower priced wedding packages this may just be a staff member with a cell phone. If that’s the case, you’re better off finding a friend with an iPhone to take the photos. Most times on these inexpensive wedding packages you may only get a few dozen images.

You can hire your own professional wedding photographer to take photos rather than going with their included photographer. Some wedding packages at Myrtle Beach also include an upgraded package that has a professional photographer included. It usually includes more images as well.

Look at the Portfolios of Previous Clients

A great way to determine how well a wedding photographer performs is by looking at some of their previous clients photos. Most professional photographers in Myrtle Beach will have an online gallery which showcases their best work. Look at the gallery and determine if they are a good fit for your wedding.

You may also need to inquire about how many pictures they will take and also how long they will stay. Some photographers only stay a minimum amount of time. Make sure your wedding photographer stays during the wedding and reception.

If you’ve used any of the photographers in Myrtle Beach and had a great outcome please let us know by commenting below. We’d love to hear from you.

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