Tips for a Wedding in Dominican Republic

Having a wedding in the Dominican Republic can be truly amazing. The sights and cultures that you can experience can make an extraordinary event such as your wedding much more memorable. There are some things you’ll need to consider when considering a wedding in this beautiful place however. I’ll go over some of the things that you’ll want to consider when planning a wedding in Dominican Republic. 

Tips for Creating Amazing Arrangements of Wedding Flowers

A wedding simply isn’t a wedding without flowers to brighten up the venue. Even some of the most rustic or industrial looking venue can be changed dramatically with wedding flowers. Hiring a floral company to handle the arrangement and the flowers at your wedding is great if you can afford it. However, many of flowers arrangements you can actually do yourself and save lots of money. In this article I’ll go over some tips that you can use to create your own amazing flower arrangements for your wedding. 

3 Biggest Mistakes When Looking For Wedding Gift for Friends

Getting invited to a wedding means you’ll need to purchase a gift. But sometimes getting a gift that we can be proud of is a challenge. That’s because crafty advertising and marketing often steer towards things that may be useful for a couple but lack any true meaning. To help avoid some of the mistakes with choosing a wedding gift for friends I’m adding the following tips below that will help you choose the perfect wedding gift. I’ll also include some wedding gift ideas for friends as well.

One of the Most Important Selections at Your Wedding is the Wedding Photographer

Years from now when you’re reviewing your wedding photos you’l quickly see how professional your photographer was. There may be questions about the caterer, how the food tasted, or the fact that the wedding singer may not have been a professional. But a great wedding photographer can always be remembered. You may not remember how the main dish tasted or if the flowers were to your exact liking but as you look through each of the photos from your wedding you’ll quickly remember how well your wedding photographer did their jobs. That’s why you need a professional photographer for your wedding that has great reviews and a good working history. One of the best wedding photographers is Ufniak Photography

Don’t Overlook the Small Details Such as the Best Wedding Albums

There are many small details that lots of people overlook during their wedding planning. From forgetting to confirm with the rental company to the groom forgetting about his shoes (yes it happens). These small details during the wedding are very important and having a list can certainly help but there are things that many people consider just as important when you’re getting married. One of those items is the wedding albums you will purchase or get with your photography package. Many photographers will offer a standard wedding album. And while this may be enough for some people, if you really want the best you’ll need to upgrade your wedding album.

Relieve Some Wedding Stress with the Best Wedding Registry

Getting engaged to be married can be romantic, dreamy, and whimsical time. Unfortunately, when it comes to planning a wedding those feelings soon turn from excitement to stress and frustration. One of the problems that many couples face when planning a wedding is making sure they get a wedding registry set up and going. The problem is there was never a go-to site or resource. Most stores offer a wedding registry but you’ll soon find out that finding one single wedding registry is a must and the best wedding registry online today that can do that is I’ll outline below why I think this is the best wedding registry and why you should start using it. 

Camo Wedding Rings for Those Who Love the Outdoors

Do you really love the outdoors? Maybe you consider a day hunting or fishing more fun than a shopping trip to the mall. For couples who have connected and love the outdoors they may consider camo wedding rings for their Myrtle Beach wedding. There are a few things you may need to consider if you're interested in camo wedding rings for your wedding and I'll cover those concerns in this article. 

Special Offer: Get $1 Off Heel Protectors for Your Wedding

An outdoor wedding can be truly amazing. The fresh air and sunlight basking on your shoulders can really make an extrodinary day really magical. Unfortunately, for many women who wear heels at events such as weddings the day can turn into a disaster. Most outdoor weddings and receptions typically happen on grass which as you probably know can be really difficult if you’re wearing heels. But now it doesn’t need to be. Heel protectors can now be worn on your heels to protect them and also help you walk on these surfaces. For a limited time you can also get a discount on heel protectors here

Knowing Wedding Cake Prices Will Help with Your Wedding Expenses

Wedding cake prices can vary tremendously based on a number of factors. The average wedding cake price according to the Bridal Association of America is $543. And since there are so many different designs, ingredients, fees, etc.. your wedding cake prices could be more or even less. I'll go over some of the things that make wedding cakes more expensive and how you can save money on your wedding cake.