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Weddings can be expensive. In fact, it’s one of the more expensive parties that most couples will ever throw. For many couples this can force them to make some decisions about the wedding to save money or cut corners. And while there are some things that you can do to save money on your wedding there are also some things that you should keep no matter what the cost.

One thing I like to tell clients is just what they will remember ten years from now. You may not remember what the ushers wore or if the ribbon was laced in the correct flowers. But the things that you will remember is how you felt and also what you looked like. There are two things that you’ll want to make sure you get high quality on and that is the wedding photography and your hair and makeup. These two things will be inspected for years to come and one without the other can leave a very bad memory captured on film and in your heart. 

NYC’s Best Wedding Makeup & Hair Professionals

For most wedding photographers making the client look great in their pose and surrounding is what it’s all about. Attempting to capture the emotion of the moment so you can relive your wedding day over and over again years from now is key. Living in New York City means there are plenty of surroundings and places that are absolutely breathtaking. So having the bride look great with her hair and proper makeup can be the perfect combination for amazing pictures in an amazing place.

Don’t Do This Yourself

A big problem I’ve seen many brides do is attempting to do the makeup themselves. Even though you’ve done makeup thousands of times your wedding day is special. Chances are you’ve never worn a wedding dress before and most people haven’t even worn a veil other than the fitting for your wedding dress. Lighting and the venue will also play a part in how well your makeup is received. In order to get proper makeup done you’ll need the help of a professional. Someone who has done makeup for special occasions like weddings thousands of times.

A huge advantage for many brides is that they feel like a princess on their wedding day. It’s a feeling of being special and beautiful. When it comes to your hair and makeup make sure you don’t skimp on this and hire someone who is professional to handle them. It’s simply too important of a day and an event not to hire professionals.


I’ve included a video below on a very special hair and makeup artist that can help you if you live in or around New York City.

The question is how do you want to remember your wedding day. And when it comes to cutting corners on prices would you rather remember how great and amazing you looked and capture that in photographs or would you rather have that extra row of chairs? Enjoy your day and your beauty on your wedding day!

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