Mobile Bars for Weddings Is a Great Addition To Your Wedding

A trend that has recently hit the wedding and social party scene is vintage style vehicles that have bars built into them. There are small vans and even cars that double as vintage vehicles which serve beverages. While these vans and cars can really be amazing, the big daddy of them all is the Tiger Cub bus that was converted into a bar. It’s one of the best mobile bars for weddings and it’s truly unique. Adding this vintage bus to your wedding can not only help tremendously with planning but it will also give your guests a real treat, and I’m not just talking about the drinks. 

Mobile Bars for Weddings Is a Great Addition To Your Wedding

We’ve all been to a wedding that had a unique trait about it that really stood out. Something that wasn’t merely a sore thumb but actually something that caught your eye and made you think to yourself ‘how cool is that’. One way that people are setting up for that very thing is by using mobile bars for weddings. They hire a mobile bar that comes to the event and sets up much like a regular bar and caterer would do. The big difference is that the atmosphere around the bar is totally different. You get a real feeling of uniqueness when using a mobile bar especially if it’s really good such as with Big Al’s Drive In. The fact is that anyone can serve drinks but getting a great drink from a vintage bus means you’ll need to hire Big Al’s Drive In for your wedding. Your guests will love the look and feel of this vintage bus and they truly have some great drinks as well.

The Story of the Tiger Cub Bus That is Used at Big Al’s Drive In

The Tiger Cub bus that is used by Big Al’s Drive In started traveling the roads of the UK back in the middle 60s. Back when times were much simpler and technology was not as intertwined with vehicles as it is today. Vehicles in those days were made to be extravagant with molding and style that set them apart from others. With the Tiger Cub bus that Big Al’s Drive In uses that style is carefully brought back to life. The bus was painstakingly restored to it’s former glory of yesteryear with some new and improved additions that bring it into the 21st century. You’ll still see the style and finesse of the bus as it was created over 60 years ago. With details exterior components that were top of the line in it’s time. But you’ll also get to see the functioning mobile bar that it is today. The interior of the bus was completely redone. The rows of seats were removed and and only  a few were added back. Then bars and storage areas for drink items were added. All of the exterior of the bus still retains everything that was originally there minus a few small details. The crew that restored this bus really did put forth the extra effort to make sure things were done right.

mobile bars for weddings inside bus

Add a Unique Twist to your Reception

As with any of these mobile bars for weddings it’s important to have them be able to handle the size of your number of guests. A small van may not be able to handle the crowd of 100 guests especially when it comes to things like cocktail hours or the best man’s toast. You certainly don’t want the guests of your wedding waiting in line for a drink. Chances are when that happens you’ll have lots of people exiting the wedding reception quickly and the impression you’ll make surely won’t be the best. The Big Al’s Drive In bus is big. The setup was carefully laid out to handle many guests at once. This means that when people start getting drinks they are actually getting their drinks and not waiting in line. Smaller vehicles will constantly have this problem.

Consider How Your Guests Might React

As I mentioned before the uniqueness of this bus really makes it stand out. How do you think your guests will react when they see it. Or when they walk up and get a signature bespoke drink that was crafted specifically for your wedding. Chances are the impression you’ll make will be a great one and it will truly be an amazing and unique wedding that will be talked about for some time. Make sure your wedding has that uniqueness today. To learn more check out the gallery for these mobile bars for weddings online today.



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