The Manliest Destinations for a Stag Weekend in Europe

Let’s face it, guys!

A stag weekend is not a really bachelor farewell party if it does not involve some really tough and manly types of activities. Think about it!

We all love the occasional sit-down and chat over a beer, but the fun starts when the adrenaline kicks in and the challenges are being made.

So, I’m looking at you, best man! You’re the one who’s going to make the tough decisions involving the stag do destination and specific. One small piece of advice: don’t do it local!

It’s boring, it’s a cliché and it’s not memorable, as any stag weekend should be.

So, let’s see some of the manliest stag destinations from Europe!

Are you ready for the challenge of organizing a stag weekend?

Not everybody has planning in their blood and that’s not something to be ashamed of. Maybe you’re the spontaneous type, the go-getter, the one who acts like he thinks, fast and without doubts.

The problem with the stag weekend planning: it’s not about you!

At least, not only about you.

Your main focus: the stag.

Your secondary focus: the guys you’re going to invite to join you for this legendary stag weekend.

So, if you feel that the whole stag do planning isn’t really your cup of tea, help is on the way. There are special companies, ready to plan everything for you, and get you sweet deals in every country that will be, eventually, your stag destination.

More about this kind of company at the end of the article.

For now, let’s focus on the best stag do destinations for men crazy about doing manly stuff!

4 great destinations for a manly stag do

There are many places in Europe, for instance, where the fun is simply flowing like a river. Of course, you might want to head westward, to the USA, but why bother with the whole transatlantic trip, when there are special destinations in Europe that will blow your mind.

Let’s see 4 stag destinations and what they have to offer:

  1. Bratislava

This is one crazy place to party.

Read this: bridge bungee jumping, indoor go karting, shooting real guns, hydrospeeding, horror escape room, running on a house upwards, white water rafting, riding in an armoured car, casino night, lap dances, dinner with lesbo show, body shots, mud wrestling.

Is this manly enough for you?

  1. Bucharest

Don’t assume that Romanians don’t know how to party. Because they are the fun masters.

Here’s what you can do here, day & night: driving a race sport car on a special off-road track, pistol & AK 47 & sniper rifle shooting, indoors & outdoors, axe throwing, sky diving, wakeboarding, nightlife tour, strip club & casino entry, dominatrix strip dinner, stag pranks.

What’s not to love about this kind of place?

  1. Budapest

Right next to Romania, there’s Hungary. And you’re in for a treat!

Let’s see that Budapest has to offer: beer biking, paintball & airsoft, gun shooting combo, go karting, quad biking outside the city, bobsledding, horce races, stag humiliation pranks, all you can eat & drink bars, eating sushi from the body of a lovely girl, strip poker.

Are you ready for this kind of heat?

  1. Prague

Last, but not least, the lovely capital of the Czech Republic. And beer is not the only best thing here!

Because you may want to try the following: smashing a car with your own hands, marvellous real gun shooting experience, indoor sky diving, real tank driving & riding, quad biking, going on a witch tour, booze night with unlimited beer flow, medieval banquet, stag arrest, wrestling in jelly, casino nights with a topless waitress, tasting fine liquors

A pretty sweet deal, no?

Remember I told you something about a special company which will help you with planning the whole stag weekend? Well, that’s Eventhuse for you, and as assurance, all the above-mentioned activities are from their site,

You will be really well taken care of, and the most important thing is that the stag will have the best time of his life. That’s what matters the most!

2 thoughts on “The Manliest Destinations for a Stag Weekend in Europe”

  1. For me one of the best stag destinations in Europe is Warsaw, Poland. It is relatively cheap but very modern. And there are many great clubs there to organize a stag party in! One of the best ones I have been to was New Orleans Club, where my cousin had his stag party. It was great. The club was exclusive and elegant, perfect for a manly party. And dancers in this club were so gorgeous and talented! I would recommend this place for any man!

    1. That’s true! But I don’t think that city matters that much to men who are looking for a great fun at stag party:) The club is the most important. And to that we agree – New Orleans is a classic one in Warsaw. I’ve organized my corporate event there and we had great fun watching their beautiful dancers!

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