Make Your Wedding Special with a Mobile Bar Hire

Everyone wants to make their wedding day special. Of course, for the couple that are getting married it’s likely the most special day of their lives. But taking care of the guests at your wedding is a must. Giving them an experience that can be talked about and enjoyed means giving them a unique experience. People will always talk about your wedding day, no matter if it’s good or bad, just what they talk about may be up to you. In order to really make your wedding day unique you may want to check out the mobile bar hire that’s known as Big Al’s Drive In. I’ll give you more details on this unique wedding experience and how you can make this part of your wedding day. 

Make Your Wedding Special with a Mobile Bar Hire

Having a mobile bar hire at your wedding can give your wedding that unique touch that can have guests talking about it for months and years to come. It truly is a great experience that can make your wedding the talk of the town. The look of Big Al’s Drive In can really set off your wedding for the best and with it’s attention to detail it draws a crowd where ever it goes and that includes your wedding. I’ll go over more of how the mobile bar hire works below and just what you can expect from this amazing service.

What is Big Al’s Drive In Mobile Bar?

In order to make an experience that was truly unique with a splash of new while utilizing a vintage bus the Big Al’s Drive In was born. A fully restored vintage bus was painstakingly restored and refitted to function as a mobile bar that can entertain guests and serve guests at weddings, parties, and other events. The bus was originally a  Leyland Tiger Cub bus that has been completely restored on the exterior with bright new paint and chrome accents that make it look like it just rolled out of the showroom. The interior was redone with more hygienic materials and setup so mixing of drinks and a bar was added to side. The bus is truly a site to see even if you’re not ordering a drink. And if you do order a drink, you can be sure it’s made to perfection with some of the most interesting flavors and a wide variety of choices to give your guests just what they want.

Using the Mobile Bar Hire for Your Wedding

Getting Big Al’s Drive In to your wedding is easy and can be scheduled for your wedding day easily. In fact, one of the great things about having a mobile bar hire is that it’s, well, mobile. The bus can go almost anywhere and only takes a short time to set up. If you need to conserve space or set up a mobile bar in an area that you only have a limited time then it’s perfect as Big Al’s Drive In is set up and removed quickly and they take care of everything.

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Do You Want to Do This Yourself?

One of the biggest problems with dealing with your own bar at a wedding is planning for what guests will drink. Ordering too much and you have all sorts of bottles and cases of product that you won’t be able to return. And it’s even worse when you don’t order enough and run out of drinks long before the party is supposed to end. This is one of the worst things that can happen at your wedding. Imagine raising your glasses for a toast and many of the people don’t have a glass to lift. Why not let someone else take care of this for you? Allowing Big Al’s Drive In to handle your wedding bar and serving drinks can really take the worry and load off of you and your partner during your wedding. They can handle everything from start to finish so you can get back to the other important things in your wedding.

How To Hire Big Al’s Drive In Mobile Bar?

In order to get the best mobile bar hire you’ll need to schedule the Big Al’s Drive In for your wedding or party. There are many different packages to choose from which are listed on their website. You can find out more information on the bus and just how Big Al’s Drive In came to be by reading their history on their website. Start your planning by checking out the mobile bar hire today.


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