Key Factors that Influence the Cost of Destination Wedding in Jaipur

Having a destination wedding can truly be an amazing experience for both the couple getting married and also all the guests that will be attending. The biggest factor for most couples when deciding just where to get married is the costs associated with having a destination wedding. Many couples today are going with exotic locations such as Jaipur which can give you the best experience for your money. There are some key factors that will influence the cost of a destination wedding in Jaipur which we’ll cover below.

Key Factors that Influence the Cost of Destination Wedding in Jaipur

Number of Guests

Everyone’s guest list is different and having a wedding guest list that is only 20 guests is much less expensive than one compared to 200 guests. Consider all the costs associated with each guest including food, drinks, etc. Some venues will charge you based on the number of guests so knowing the amount of guests can help you better prepare.

Schedule of Events

There are many different events and additions you can add to any wedding. Consider the events and the costs associated with each. The reception and any dinners and such will need to be accounted for.

The Actual Venue

The biggest factor of all is the venue where the destination wedding will be. Here is a comprehensive list of venue which also has the cost of a wedding in Jaipur listed as well which can help you pick the right venue for your wedding.



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