A Huge Problem at Some Weddings Is the Open Bar… Here’s Why

Having everything planned and ready to go for your wedding takes a long time. In fact, months and sometimes years of planning go into some weddings. All this planning is great but sometimes there is still a lot of guess work involved in the wedding. One of those areas is the open bar for your wedding and reception. Finding someone to take care of this part of your wedding is a much better idea. Getting a cocktail bus hire to do the bar for you is the best bet. I’ll go over why hiring someone is much better than setting up the bar yourself in this article. 

A Huge Problem at Some Weddings Is the Open Bar… Here’s Why

No matter if your wedding and reception hosts 25 people or 250 people having a bar for them is simply a must. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems for couples determining just how to set up this bar. Imagine not having enough champagne on hand for the best man’s toast. Of what if you run out of white and red wine. These are things that you’ll need to consider and be prepared for if you plan on setting up a bar yourself.

One of the biggest problems is that you simply don’t know how much each person will drink. During the cocktail hour guest can consume drinks galore and essentially cause you to run out before the party gets started. But, also you don’t want to have cases of wine and kegs of beer left over after the party has concluded. There are many guidelines online that state the average drink per person is around 1 drink per hour. However, this can be grossly underestimated in some families and way overboard on others. Planning for this is crucial and almost always leaves you with left overs or not enough for your wedding. The costs can skyrocket when you don’t estimate properly. And if you don’t have enough, that’s when things can really take a turn for the worse. How long would you stay without any beverages? Chances are, if you run out of drinks, your wedding reception will end soon after.

Hiring Someone to Take Care of it For You

Why take on the task of running a bar and planning for an open bar yourself. It’s simply a task left better to the professionals who are completely set up and ready to handle it for you. Let’s face it, during your wedding you will face all sorts of stress and planning difficulties. And even though you want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch and things are planned perfectly, you’ll certainly want to make sure that stressing over an open bar isn’t one of those times. Allowing a cocktail bus hire to handle the bar at your wedding can be a huge lift of stress off your shoulders. There will be plenty of things you’ll need to worry about and stress over at your wedding and planning and getting things set up for an open bar shouldn’t be one of them.

The open bar at your wedding is one of the more important factors of your wedding that people will gather around and talk about. Make sure they aren’t talking about how mis-handled the open bar is. Rather how unique and truly amazing the bartenders are and how unique the experience of going to the bar is. Trust me, you’ll want the later.

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A Cocktail Bar with Style and Character

Each and every great wedding is unique and different. From the music to the brides dress, having something that is unique and memorable about your wedding can truly make you and your guests feel like they are on top of the world. A great way to add a unique flair to your wedding and reception as well as to give the open bar planning and service to someone else is by hiring Big Al’s Drive In. Big Al’s Drive In is a restored vintage mobile cocktail bar that will truly amaze you and your guests. It’s set up in an old bus that was fully reworked and restored to it’s former glory. With bright colors and plenty of drinks to spread around, this bus is truly a unique and amazing addition that you can have at your wedding to handle the cocktails and open bar.

For more information on how to schedule Big Al’s Drive In for your wedding be sure to check out the details on their cocktail bus hire today. 




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