How to Throw the Most Romantic Wedding of the Year

Romantic weddings are the most memorable and in the coming cooler months after a long season of weekends full of weddings – you’ll want to find a way to keep your guests excited and stand out! Planning a romantic wedding is the way to go. How to throw a romantic wedding – follow these tips and if you need a bit more help hiring a professional wedding planner is never a bad idea.

The Attire

Romantic Wedding Dress

Whatever your preferred taste is there is always a romantic option, but a few key ingredients for the makings of an unforgettable wedding dress is a skin tight, long, lacey gown. Any dress with long sleeves adds a romantic touch and if tulle is more your style choose a super full skirt to achieve that wow factor. And to top it all of a cathedral length vail.

Moody Bridesmaid’s Dresses

Bridesmaid’s dresses can make or break your over all look. Yes, the bride is the star of the show, but ensuring your bridesmaids look stunning and comfortable standing next to you is key to the overall picture.

Formal Menswear

We can’t forget about the boys. It’s easy to dress up the men and make them look like the arm candy your bridesmaids want. Make sure the groom is dresses to the nines in a tux and that the groomsmen are too. If you want the groom to stand apart – a nice tailored suite with bowties is just as good a choice.

Black Tie Guests

Top off the elegant garb by requesting that your guests show up in black tie attire. Not only will this make your wedding memorable for guests (as they will feel like they’re off to a ball) it will also make for STUNNING images since everyone will be dressed to impress.

The Décor

Floral Arrangements

Flowers are romantic on their own so going overboard on floral arrangements isn’t necessary. Depending on your wedding colors, theme, or personal style choose flowers that match. But when it comes to the amount of floral decorations it all depends on the type of flowers you choose. Roses tend to look a bit more romantic in larger bunches, but if your bouquets and tablescapes are a bit more whimsical – a smaller number of larger flowers go a long way. Beef your arrangements up with greenery instead.


Candles, lights, and table settings are the details that create the overall ambiance. Dim the lights in the venue and burn those candles baby! A more formal sit-down dinner with lavish plates, high-quality napkins, and decorative flatware will create that romantic and classic feel flawlessly.

Wedding Day Stationery

Sending out a romantic invitation is a must when throwing the most romantic wedding of the year. But following up with matching wedding day stationery will show your guests you’ve thought of everything! Fancy table numbers, custom place cards, menus, programs, and a personalized guest book are options to choose from. Designing paper products with foil is an added touch that won’t go unnoticed.

The Music + More

A Perfect Playlist

Classical music, timeless love songs, and moody acoustics are a obvious choices for the perfect playlist.

Timeless Traditions

Cake cutting, toasts, and a vintage car sendoff can all be incorporated into your festivities. But the garter and bouquet toss are a bit juvenile and outdated. If you’re going for romance skip those.


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