How to Find Your Dream Wedding Dress in 6 Steps

For many people, finding a dream wedding dress can be as equally overwhelming as exciting. That being said, we’ve created a short guide on how you can find your wedding dress that will hopefully make your shopping experience smoother, easier, and more enjoyable. Check it out below!

1. Research

Prior to going to any shops to look for wedding dresses, you should research a little bit about different designers, styles, and general prices. This will help you decide what you like and what you don’t like, which ultimately narrows your search and will make your shopping experience quicker and not as frustrating.

2. Shop Comfortably

If you watch any wedding shows, you will most likely notice that brides seem to always dress up when shopping for their wedding dress. While wearing a little bit of makeup and having a fresh blow out might help you feel more confident and envision what you will look like on your wedding day, you shouldn’t feel like you have to get all dressed up or done to shop for your wedding dress.

In fact, it’s advisable to dress comfortably. After all, you will be slipping in and out of dresses all throughout your appointment. So, it’s important to wear something comfortable you can easily change out of.

3. Don’t Expect the Perfect Fit

Unfortunately, dress shops usually don’t carry every size in every dress. Instead, dress shops usually offer sample sizes that range from 8-14. While dress shops will pin and pinch at dresses to help you get a better idea of how the dress would look on you, it’s not guaranteed to be the perfect fit. That’s why dress shops advise brides to shop for wedding dresses at least six months in advance. This gives them enough time to order the dress and do any necessary alterations.

Although you should anticipate not finding the perfect fit during your appointment, you should only have to use your imagination to an extent. In other words, if your sales assistant can only offer sizes way too big or too small for you, you should consider going to another dress shop.

4. Utilize Your Sales Assistant

Speaking of sales assistants, a sales assistant can be extremely helpful in helping you find a perfect wedding dress. Since sales assistants have years of experience, they will be able to help you find the perfect dress that fits your body shape, personality, preference, and wedding theme. From helping you find a dress closest to the pictures you have as inspiration to helping you find the perfect accessories to elevate your dress, your sales assistant will make sure you leave the store overjoyed with your dress selection.

5. Don’t Succumb to Pressure

Wedding dress shopping is overwhelming enough. But, it’s easy to feel even more overwhelmed with the pressure of choosing a dress. Most brides experience their friends, family, and sales assistant awing and approving of every dress. But it’s important to choose a dress you truly love and not one that just your entourage and sales assistant love. Additionally, don’t feel the need to purchase a dress just because it is extremely discounted or simply the “best” option out of all the dresses you tried on that day. Instead, schedule another appointment and continue your search for the perfect dress.

6. Enjoy Shopping

Overall, shopping for a wedding dress should be a fun experience. While we understand that shopping for a dress can be overwhelming and difficult, it’s important to remember that you’re shopping for the dress that you will walk down the aisle in when you get married to the person you love. Not only is this exciting for you and your spouse, but it’s a joyful, exciting experience you should share with your family and friends. I urge you to check out to get started finding the perfect wedding dress. They offer a great selection as well as amazing designs.

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