Having the Right Chairs and Tables and Enough of Them is Crucial for your Event

Do you have a wedding venue or other event facility that regularly hosts groups of people? Then you probably know just how important the right seating and tables are for your event. While many events can use a simple folding table that you can find at local department stores, when you have an event such as a wedding, these simple designs won’t do. In fact,  unless you’re giving couples and guests a venue that doesn’t have great atmosphere which includes the tables and chairs chances are you’re losing business. That’s why it’s so important to source the right wedding tables and chairs for your wedding venue. We’ll take a closer look at what you should look for in banquet tables wholesale and why it’s so important.

Having the Right Chairs and Tables and Enough of Them is Crucial for your Event

Proper planning for any event is important. Couples send out wedding invites and RSVP cards to guests and many will get them back and report the correct number of guests. This makes things much easier when planning out how many chairs and tables you’ll need. The problem occurs when couples don’t take this too seriously and grossly mistake the number of guests. While having a few too many chairs and tables is not much of a disaster, having not enough chairs and tables can quickly turn into a nightmare. Be sure to go over the guest information with the couples and plan for at least a few extras that may show up.

Covers and Materials

Many couples like to cover the chairs with different materials. This can work great especially if the tablecloths are matched. But if you have great looking banquet tables already, you can avoid this. This means less linens to clean and you avoid trip hazards that can sometimes happen with these covers. Take a look at some unique table designs and chair designs to give you a better idea of just what is possible without slip covers or other components that may be added to the chairs and tables.

Easily Moved and Stored

For most venue owners the venue is always changing. You may have a wedding this weekend and a company retreat the next weekend. In either case having the correct tables and chairs are crucial. you’ll need something that can be easily moved around as wedding parties usually sit in groups of about 8 and company retreats may have 15 people at one table. Or they may not need tables at all. It’s important to have the furniture that you can easily move and reposition if needed. And when the tables and chairs are not in use, being able to fold them and place them in storage is a must. Folding tables and chairs will take up less space so less storage space is needed.

Durability Over Time

Unlike having a dinner party at your home which may happen a few times per year, when it comes to a wedding venue you’ll need to have durable tables and chairs that can stand up to the test of time. This is especially true if the tables and chairs will be used outside where sunlight may fade them. Be sure to take a look at some of the banquet tables and chairs that are available today at wholesale to make the most of your wedding venue and wow your guests.


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