Enlightening Details About HappyGoMarry Helping You Organize And Finance Your Wedding Conveniently

The cost of wedding has been rising steadily in the recent past where the average wedding cost in the US is about $30,000. In fact, a third of couples doing weddings usually go into debts to finance their weddings. However, the guests and close friends can significantly help in shouldering this financial burden through providing financial support. This is further facilitated by the fact that majority of wedding guests prefer to give cash gifts than buying gifts from stores. HappyGoMarry helps couples receive the cash gifts in a convenient manner and also helps in other related details such as getting RSVP’s and updating the guests on the wedding details.

Enlightening Details About HappyGoMarry Helping You Organize And Finance Your Wedding Conveniently

HappyGoMarry is designed as a social crowd funding website and it is specifically meant for engaged couples who are planning to do weddings. Joining this website just requires one to create an account. The first step of creating an account is providing basic information to create a page and then inviting your fiancé to join. You should then decide the specific categories you will need help funding and then proceed to set an amount so that people can see. In case you do not need funding you can skip this step by not selecting any category. On your page you can share details about your wedding including the dates and the venue. You can also use this page to make announcements to the guests.

After creating a page one should then proceed to share it especially with the guests who are expected to support or attend the wedding. HappyGoMarry has built-in sharing features that simplify the sharing process. You can even add your URL on your wedding invite so that the guests can get more information. The next step should be to collect the addresses sent by the people who are interested in receiving invites. You should also collect RSVPs so as to get idea on the number of guests expected to be served during the wedding.

When it comes to receiving cash gifts through HappyGoMarry you will get a number of simple options which suit your needs perfectly. When you create an account you automatically get a WePay account which is created using the same email address you provide while creating a page. WePay charges 2.9% plus $0.30 for every donation. HappyGoMarry charges a flat rate of 5% and therefore you will get cash gifts in a cost effective manner. Immediately you receive any cash gift WePay will send you a prompt email to notify you about the gift. However, you need to confirm your WePay account within 14 days or else your page will stop accepting gifts. Making withdraw is also simple where you just need to use the green withdrawal button to request for bank transfer which takes 2-5 days.

Some of the benefits of creating a page on HappyGoMarry include that creating the account is simple and it is free of charge. You only get charged a very little amount once you receive a cash gift. You will also be assured that your page is safe because advanced security aspects are put in place. Furthermore, you will be able to plan your wedding more conveniently since you will be able to communicate effectively with the guests. Therefore, if you are an engaged couple you should create a page so that you can collect addresses, RSVP’s and even cash gifts from friends and family on your HappyGoMarry page today!

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