Get That Unique Factor for Your Wedding with a Vintage Bus Bar

One thing that everyone wants in their wedding is something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. For most couples, the idea of having a modern wedding with traditional components is exactly what they are looking for. Adding a unique and trendy factor to a wedding can really make a huge impact and really set the wedding and reception head and shoulders above the rest. One way to do that is by adding a vintage bus bar to your wedding. It can give you something that many other weddings won’t have and it adds loads of character to your wedding that will really impress your guests. 

Get That Unique Factor for Your Wedding with a Vintage Bus Bar

Adding a vintage bus bar can take a load of worry off when planning your wedding. Many times, with most wedding caterers, the couple will need to properly set up the bar for the guests and plan things out. This includes ordering any drinks which includes wines, craft beers, champagne, and more. It’s basically up to the couple to try and guess just what the guests will drink. For larger weddings this can truly be a nightmare. There is so much that can go wrong it can add a lot of stress on top of the stress that just getting married brings. That’s why it’s best to leave this part of the wedding to the experts. At Big Al’s Drive In just let them know the details about your wedding. How long you plan to stay at the reception, number of guests, etc… and they can come up with a plan that will ensure everyone is properly attended to with the drinks of their choice. They’ll also be serving those drinks from a truly unique platform as well which is a 1960’s era Tiger Cub bus transformed into a mobile bar.

Amaze Guests with this Addition to your Wedding

You may have seen food trucks in your neighborhood that serve food but those are designed to only give you food. The Big Al’s Drive In is more of an experience not just a place to get a drink. The bus has been totally redone inside and outside to add that vintage flare while giving it functionality to serve hundreds of guests at your wedding. The exterior of the Tiger Cub bus is sparkling and looks as if it just rolled off the assembly line. With intricate detail in areas that really make the bus stand out and look amazing this bus was really a labor of love from it’s creators both in the 1960’s and just a few years ago when it was restored into a vintage bus bar. The interior of the bus was outfitted with components to allow bartenders to mix drinks and serve almost any type of beverage.

Big Als Drive In Bus

Get a Great Level of Service From This Bus

The level of service for this vintage bar bus is also amazing. They can set up at your venue in just a few hours and offer a variety of drinks including wine, craft beers, champagne, cocktails, and soft drinks. They even have a package that allows you to have bespoke drinks and cocktails for your guests. This is truly a way to make the experience unique for your guests that they are sure not to forget.

You can add a bar to your wedding yourself but simply adding a bar with a bartender that serves drinks is bland and not very intriguing. It’s like having a single layer wedding cake with absolutely no frills what so ever. Do you want a bland wedding or something unique with things that will wow your guests and certainly give them something to admire. Your wedding isn’t just something that is bland and ordinary. Make it unique and give it a bit of character like you and your partner have, not just a bland bar that no one will remember. Get unique style with added function with a vintage bus bar.

Add That Unique and Vintage Factor To Your Wedding


If you’re ready to add that unique touch to your wedding with a vintage bus bar then be sure to check out the packages that are available from Big Al’s Drive In. They offer several different packages that range from a small social party to a full blown corporate event. But they really do loads of weddings and the demand for this unique and vintage bus is high. Be sure to check out the packages that are available today for this vintage bus bar.


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