Custom Wedding Invitations Can Make Your Guests Feel Extra Special

Most people underestimate the importance of Wedding Stationery for custom wedding invitations and so often times most couples do not include it in the budget for the wedding. But, just like branding plays a great role in most top businesses, stationery does the same for weddings and even much more. It sets the tone of the wedding ceremony in a very attractive way and helps your guests satisfy that curiosity of what to expect from your special occasion. It also gives your guests a great clue about the style of event you are planning and ensures that they have additional important information at their fingertips.

Custom Wedding Invitations Can Make Your Guests Feel Extra Special

Speaking of styles, most used styles for most wedding ceremonies include the romantic style, vintage style, whimsical style, contemporary elegant and formal style, a rustic style or city chic event, a barn dance or hooley style, bohemian style, festival style and lots more. You could even invent your style according to your taste. Doesn’t matter the style you are looking at for your special day, you can express these styles in your own custom wedding invitations. Popular custom wedding invitation styles offered by PurpleTrail are Booklet Wedding Invitations, Tri-Fold Wedding Invitations, Gay Wedding Invitations, Halloween Wedding Invitations, Christmas Wedding Invitations, Elegant Wedding Invitations, Foil Wedding Invitations, Vintage Wedding Invitations, and Rustic Wedding Invitations. Trust me, there is nothing like receiving a super stylish wedding invitation with a gorgeous design that tells your love story. It gets your guests so pumped up about your wedding day they won’t think to miss it for a second.

Most folks give the impression that they can handle the custom wedding invitation design themselves so they can save money. That’s all right. Frankly speaking, you might, but unless you are a fantastic graphics designer, you will definitely end up doing a terrible job. You will maybe end up with unpleasant word document design with some clip arts. Trust me, nobody likes that. So, don’t simply think you can do all of this by yourself because it will be quite taxing, could take a lot of your time and might not even be cheaper to invest in a decent wedding stationery. So True! You want my advice, I’d say hire an expert to design and produce these items for you. With that, you are sure to have a gorgeous and organized outcome that will have your guests wowed and eager to attend.

Recall in the beginning when I said Wedding stationery offers much more than just custom wedding invitations, here I’ll explain. Depending on the scale of the wedding you are planning, there are four sets of items you’ll need wedding stationery services for. Some of these items are optional and depends on how much you want to invest. The first set is what I call “before the wedding set”, followed by the “wedding invitation set”, “the wedding day set” and last but not least, “after the wedding set”.

Before the wedding set includes items like engagement party invitations, be my bridesmaid cards (lovely gesture to your best girls around for help), hen party invitations (send a card to the hens to set the tone of the party), and save the date cards (signifies to your guests that they are invited to attend your event and should “save the date”).

The wedding invitation set includes the custom wedding invitations (most important), RSVP Cards / Response Cards / Wedding Regret / Wedding Acceptance (these cards let your guests tell you whether they are attending or not), direction information or maps (very useful for out of town guests), accommodation information (details of hotels close by for guests coming from distant places), evening invitation or a reception card (invitation to reception for guests unable to attend the wedding ceremony), wedding events itinerary insert (lets the guests know if there are other planned events prior to or following the wedding ceremony and reception), plus one options (lets your guests know if they can bring a partner along or not), dress code (tells your guests the suitable outfit for the day so they can plan ahead), and a Gift list (your guests will want to know what the gift giving etiquette is for your wedding).

Great Looking Wedding Invitations

The wedding day set includes an order of service or ceremony booklet, the wedding program or reception program (informs guests on how the wedding reception will unfold), seating arrangement chart or table plan (displayed at the entrance to easily show guests on arrival where they are to seat), place cards (placed on the seats to direct guests on where to sit), escort cards, table numbers or table names (placed on tables for identification, and the menu (informs the guests of the meal prepared for them).

After the wedding set includes thank you cards (sent to guests shortly after the wedding appreciating their presence and gifts), wedding announcements (used to announce to family and friends just in case the ceremony was a small one or the couple eloped), change of address cards (can be used if the bride or groom has changed their residence after the wedding).

Other items you could also add include wishing tree tags, wedding guest book, wedding favor tags, nice buffet tags or labels, thumbprint tree, signage (which can indicate drink choices, buffet choices, men’s and ladies’ rooms and basically any spot you can want to customize). If you are looking at a number of decor ideas at your wedding venue, like having a dessert table, a nice-looking bar, baskets in the bathrooms, a photo booth, a fingerprint guestbook etc. then you also need to think about suitable stationery and signage for it.

Now pause for a second and imagine all of this sets of items planned for your wedding. A bit too much? It may look a bit too much but trust me, it creates the perfect atmosphere, well organized and no worries at all. With all that planned, your guests will be so eager to attend the wedding because you have finally given them no reason not to. Now, that is what a good wedding stationery can do for you.

Speaking of good wedding stationeries, PurpleTrail offers the best services for your custom wedding invitations and other related items at affordable prices. And I’m not just saying this because it’s our business, I’ll explain why PurpleTrail is the best option for you.

Now, here are just a few talking points or reasons why PurpleTrail is the best choice for your wedding stationery services:

Custom Wedding Invitations Can Make Your Guests Feel Extra Special

Fully Customizable

PurpleTrail offers easy customization with an online design center that lets you express your love story exactly the way you want. Shop from more than 1,000 designs in our curated collection to match every style or any ceremony, or create your very own – it’s all up to you. Getting personalized wedding invites for your wedding means you’ll be putting that little extra ‘something’ that always intrigues people.

Pick your favorite fonts and change colors – all at no additional cost. Choose from any of our unique trim options and make a statement with your stationery. Add unlimited photos, search 1000s of embellishments and move, add or delete objects to create a design that uniquely celebrates your love.


Coordinated Suites for End-to-End Elegance

PurpleTrail lets you create a coordinated suite and set the tone for your wedding celebration with enclosure cards for RSVPs, accommodations and more. Easily create matching envelopes, liners and address labels to make your invitations a standout. Choose from 12 envelope colors and create the coordinating touches in our unique online design center. Bring the entire celebration together and customize coordinating designs for the ceremony and reception. It’s fast and easy to create custom programs, menus, thank you cards and more to tie together your wedding vision.


Wedding Celebrations

In addition to the stationery for the ceremony itself, PurpleTrail offers invitations for all of the other events related to the wedding including for the bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, bridal showers, engagement parties and more.

Get Personalized Wedding Invites from Purple Trail

All-in-One Booklet

Make a bold wedding statement with our exclusive, all-in-one booklet invitations. These 8-page mini-books are fully customizable with unlimited text and photo options. There’s room enough to include all your wedding details, accommodation information, a detachable RSVP card and more.


Triple the Style

Invite friends and family to celebrate your big day with our unique tri-fold invitations. The flexible layout offers 6 panels to fully customize with unlimited photos, text and even an RSVP postcard. Available in 5×7 and 4×5.5 sizes, these all-in-one invitations are a customer favorite for their stylish looks and organization.


The Perfect Pocket

Personalize your wedding day celebration with our fully-printed pocket-fold invitations in your choice of paper. Matching stationery fits neatly inside to keep all the details organized. The invitation opens like a book (either horizontally or vertically) to reveal a single interior panel for your invitation.  To the right (or below) is a slanted pocket to hold the rest of your wedding stationery suite.  All areas of the pocket-fold invitation can be customized and comes in your choice of papers. It all fits nicely into a standard A7 envelope in your choice of 12 colors: smooth white, recycled kraft, banana split, black licorice, blue raspberry, grape jelly, gumdrop green, orange fizz, pink lemonade, red hot and snow cone.

Wedding Invitations from PurpleTrail

Foil Wedding Stationery

Many of our wedding invitations and cards include hand-stamped, real foil accents. Foil stamping is used to make complex images and prints and comes in red, gold and silver options.



Premium Paper

At PurpleTrail, we’re passionate about making quality items. That’s why we only use fine paper, high-quality materials, and state-of-the-art printing methods. All our wedding stationery is printed on professional, high-quality paper. Choose from coated and uncoated premium and standard card stock, double thick card stock and pearlescent card stock to create the statement you want to make for your wedding celebration.


Mailing Service

Let us address, stuff, seal, stamp and mail your cards or invitations directly to the recipients for you. You’ll love the extra time you save for things that are much more fun. Simply place an order for cards and select the option for Mailing Service at checkout. After checkout, simply input the addresses of your recipients or select them from your address book. Once we have your recipient’s addresses we will print and mail the cards directly to your recipients for you.


Design on the Go

Save time and energy by using their online mobile app to create your designs and order your wedding planner, invitations and cards. It’s easy to use and free to download. Plus, the app is available on the iOS and Android platforms so it covers almost any mobile device.


Affordable Quality and Luxe Designs at Low Prices

PurpleTrail offers cards and invitations at flat-rate pricing starting at just $.79 each while using the same luxe papers and printing as our competitors. Plus, your stationery is handmade from start to finish in our studio just for you. You can take a look at our prices for different card sizes here. Unlike our competitors, we are not in the business of hiking prices and showing big discounts. We are always simple and provide the best service at an affordable price.


I’m sure that’s a of lot points to convince you to pick us if you want the best wedding stationery services. Our custom wedding invitations is simply the best anywhere anytime. Obviously, there will always be something pleasing about receiving a wedding invitation that a lot of ideas, care and attention have been invested into. No matter how biased it might sound, hiring a good wedding stationery will definitely lift the weight off you and help to make your special day exceptional and stress free. Whether your custom wedding invitation is printed or digital, let it tell a story to your guests and build anticipation for the celebrations to come. I know you wish for an exceptional wedding and so we are here to do our part to make your dreams come true.

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