Cubic Zirconia: The Affordable Simulated Diamonds for Beautiful Jewelry

Jewelry makers, designers and consumers alike can appreciate a lab created gem like cubic zirconia. This simulated stone is most widely known for its ability to mimic even the highest grade diamond. There are many other aspects to the gem that make it popular as well.

This gem has a natural form, but it is extremely rare. This is the reason the beautiful stone is created in a lab, where it can be made practically flawless. Diamonds and other natural stones almost always have flaws included in them.

Cubic Zirconia: The Affordable Simulated Diamonds for Beautiful Jewelry

Some of these natural flaws include infections (or blemishes) of the stone, lack of luster, poor clarity and reduced color. Diamonds, for example, are rated according to many of these factors, especially color and clarity. It’s tough to find a diamond that doesn’t have at least some imperfection.

If you want to purchase a natural stone that is nearly flawless, you will be paying a very high price indeed. That is another reason that the popularity of The Simulated Diamond has soared over the last several years.

Because of its affordability as well as it’s quality as a gem, jewelry designers can create beautiful pieces of jewelry that are also affordable to the customer. Consumers demand beauty as well as affordability, and that is what its jewelry can provide.

Loose cubic zirconia is available to jewelers in a stunning array of variety. Although mostly known for it’s resemblance to diamonds, wholesale is available in many other simulated gems. These include simulated garnet, aqua, emerald, peridot, tanzanite, citrine, amethyst and more.

The gem of all colors can be cut just like natural stones into classic gem shapes. Double pointed marquis, elegant pear shapes, emerald-style octagon, princess cut square, oval, round and any other gem cut you can think of is available in cubic zirconia.

These gems can be purchased in loose form, and wholesale they are very affordable to jewelry makers and designers. These gems can be created into any jewelry just like natural stones. An earring set, pendants, bracelets, watches, etc., if it can be made with natural stones, it can be made with the simulated diamonds as well.

This is a great opportunity for designers to appease customers that want that high-quality look and brilliant sparkle of gems, without having to pay the high price. This simulated diamonds can be made into essentially the same product without the price to the jeweler or the consumer. This makes it very affordable. If you want to check the jewelers, you should visit and am sure you will get what you are looking for.

Of course, when you go through a jewelry website you can look at the various settings available for this simulated diamond jewelry. You can compare the products and the prices and choose the item you want to buy. It’s as simple as this. As far as shopping online is concerned, there is nothing to worry – buy from a reputed jeweler and you have nothing to worry about.

Don’t lose sleep because you don’t have money to buy diamond jewelry. With cubic zirconia jewelry, it is possible to create the same effect. Browse through the top wholesale jewelry stores, and you are bound to get an exceptional piece for your loved one. And your pocket won’t feel that light.

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