Create an Amazing Sendoff with 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

After the wedding and reception are done and it’s time to send the newly wed couple off on their new life together make sure you give them a grand exit with wedding sparklers. For outdoor weddings this is one of the awesome things that you can do that makes the moment much better. Having a few lines of people with wedding sparklers is a great way to give someone that fairy tale sendoff. It also makes for some awesome photos. Giving the wedding guests the 36 inch sparklers for weddings from Wedding Day Sparklers will allow you to have this amazing sendoff at your wedding.

The 36 inch wedding sparklers that are offered from Wedding Day Sparklers aren’t the same sparklers that you’ll find at fireworks stands during holidays. Instead they are made to last longer, burn brighter, and even have less smoke. A single 36 inch wedding sparkler can last three and one half minutes meaning that if each person in your wedding sendoff party has two sparklers, you’ve likely got things covered. If you’re looking for some great additions to your wedding that can make a huge difference be sure to check out some of the sparklers from Wedding Day Sparklers today.

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