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Tips for Finding That Perfect Wedding Dress

One of the most difficult decisions of getting married is choosing a wedding dress. There are literally millions of dresses you can choose from when getting married but finding the perfect dress that makes you feel great can be a difficult journey. In this article I’ll go over tips for choosing the perfect wedding dress for your special day and what you should be looking for in a perfect wedding dress. 

Use a Custom Handmade Bridal Garter in Your Wedding

One of the most personalized items for the bride at a wedding is her dress. It usually takes lots of looking and shopping in order to get the perfect dress. Something that makes her look beautiful and elegant is what a wedding dress needs to do. But apart from the wedding dress the item that many brides have started taking very seriously is the bridal garter or wedding garter. The tradition of a bride wearing a wedding garter goes back a long time and is still a common element in today’s weddings. There are many places that you can get a wedding garter but like everything else in your wedding, it needs to be perfectly suited to you and your special day. That’s why most brides now are getting customized wedding garters from places like which offers great looking bridal garters for your special day. 

Avoid This Critical Mistake at Your Wedding

Love can be in the air during your engagement. In fact, getting engaged is usually one of the happiest days of a couple’s life. The problem is that when you’re engaged and planning a wedding it can be extremely stressful. I don’t think there’s a such thing as a wedding that doesn’t have some sort of problem. There is one problem that can turn your wedding into a disaster however. And it’s not something that just happens but it’s something that creeps up on you without your knowledge. It can make take you from feeling extremely happy to get married to feeling like the world is shattering around you. It’s the point when you put on your wedding dress at the wedding and it no longer fits. 

Most Brides Need a Custom Wedding Dress

A bride’s wedding dress is usually the focal point of the wedding. As everyone is seated at the wedding and the groom is waiting along with his best men and all the brides maids are lined up along side. Once the bride starts her walk down the aisle every one is focused on her. That means that having an amazing dress that fits perfectly is a must. This moment will live on in the mind of the bride for an entire lifetime. For that reason you’ll need to be sure that the dress you’re wearing fits perfectly and the best way to do that is with a custom wedding dress. 

Breaking Traditions with a Colored Wedding Dress

For many years the only choice for a wedding dress was a white wedding dress. This has been tradition for decades for brides getting married. But times are changing and the brides today are looking for something that’s more unique and fitted to their personality. One way brides are doing this today is with a colored wedding dress instead of the traditional white. It’s certainly a trend that is catching on with more and more brides dressing in a colored wedding dress rather than white. 

Find Great Looking Flower Girl Dresses Even if You Order Late

Including children in your wedding can be an amazing experience for both you and them. It seems like it adds a sense of family that can really be amazing. Unfortunately, many people don’t really consider adding children to their wedding and they are usually not included in the ceremony planning until later. In fact, most people looking for flower girl dresses don’t start doing so until 4 weeks before the wedding. Doing so makes it very difficult to find a quality dress before the wedding especially if you need matching dresses. There is a solution however that allows you to get great looking dresses and it’s by shopping at Ruffles and Bowties

Special Offer: Get $1 Off Heel Protectors for Your Wedding

An outdoor wedding can be truly amazing. The fresh air and sunlight basking on your shoulders can really make an extrodinary day really magical. Unfortunately, for many women who wear heels at events such as weddings the day can turn into a disaster. Most outdoor weddings and receptions typically happen on grass which as you probably know can be really difficult if you’re wearing heels. But now it doesn’t need to be. Heel protectors can now be worn on your heels to protect them and also help you walk on these surfaces. For a limited time you can also get a discount on heel protectors here

Find the Right Dress at Bridal Shops in Myrtle Beach SC

Find the Right Dress at Bridal Shops in Myrtle Beach SCIf you don’t like the dress you’re going to wear in your wedding then it’s time to do something drastic! No, I’m not talking about ripping your old dress to shreds or eating a pint of butter pecan ice cream but maybe it’s time to do what I like to do best: go shopping! Listed in this post are some of the best bridal shops in Myrtle Beach SC and surrounding areas.

Finding the perfect dress isn’t easy and you may try on many, many wedding dresses before you find the perfect one. So I decided to list some of best places to get a wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses here in Myrtle Beach. If you’re going to have a wedding in Myrtle Beach then these shops can certainly help you find that perfect dress.

Find the Right Dress at Bridal Shops in Myrtle Beach SC

Finding a dress is one of the most exciting times for a bride. You get that ‘princess’ feeling and the beauty of the moment seems to hit you right in the heart. It makes all the planning and preparation seem insignificant because once you put on that dress everything changes. That moment just became real and you’re really doing this. Ahh, the memories! But enough about feelings! Let’s show some wedding dresses in Myrtle Beach.

Some of the following businesses do more than just wedding dresses. You may be able to get a completewedding package in Myrtle Beach from some if you like. Others will also include catering or wedding cake designs in Myrtle Beach.

So without further ado, here is the list of bridal shops in Myrtle Beach SC

Foxy Lady

Although Foxy Lady has been around Myrtle Beach for quite some time many people don’t know how much of a selection they have. The wedding dresses and attire they offer here are great and it’s one of the few shops in the area that has great online access to the wedding dresses as well. This is one of the best bridal shops in Myrtle Beach SC so be sure to stop by if you’re in the market for a wedding dress in Myrtle Beach.
Amanda’s Collection

Want a full service bridal shop in Myrtle Beach? Try Amanda’s Collection for one of the best selections of bridal wear. Although it’s not located in Myrtle Beach it is located a short drive away in neighboring Conway. Be sure to look at some of the photos in the wedding gallery that showcase some of the dresses at Amanda’s Collection.
Fancy Frocks

With a name like Fancy Frocks, this place must be awesome! Fancy Frocks is another bridal shop in Myrtle Beach that isn’t located in the heart of the city. But it’s located just a few miles away in Murrells Inlet SC. Like Amanda’s Collection listed above, Fancy Frocks also has an online gallery that you can look at which showcases some of their products.


If you’re ready for an romantic Myrtle Beach wedding then be sure to visit the bridal shops in Myrtle Beach SC that are listed above and find your perfect wedding dress.