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Choosing The Best Wedding Catering Company in Tampa Florida

There are loads of different wedding catering companies that will gladly accept your wedding project. In fact, you’ve maybe even had a friend or two ask about volunteering to do the catering. While this may seem like a novel idea at first, it can quickly end up in a disaster. The biggest problem is that getting a generic catering company or some of your friends just gives you a ‘bleh’ sort of food for your guests. I don’t know about you but for a wedding, I’m looking for more of a ‘wow’ rather than a ‘bleh’. The finger sandwich squares just aren’t going to work. That’s why getting a professional company like Wedding Catering Tampa is so important. 

Wedding Catering on a Budget with BBQ

Getting married and starting your journey in life with your partner is a very special day. In fact, it’s likely the most important day in you and your partner’s life. That’s why there is so much planning and making sure everything is on point and perfect for your wedding. Of course, getting the very best of everything can be quite expensive, especially when it comes to things such as the wedding reception. But planning your wedding on a budget or having certain items on budget doesn’t mean it can’t be great. Quite the opposite if you’re planning on using BBQ catering in Dallas for your wedding catering needs. You can get the best of both worlds with great, quality food that everyone enjoys and a price point that doesn’t bankrupt your wedding before the final dance. 

Get That Unique Factor for Your Wedding with a Vintage Bus Bar

One thing that everyone wants in their wedding is something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. For most couples, the idea of having a modern wedding with traditional components is exactly what they are looking for. Adding a unique and trendy factor to a wedding can really make a huge impact and really set the wedding and reception head and shoulders above the rest. One way to do that is by adding a vintage bus bar to your wedding. It can give you something that many other weddings won’t have and it adds loads of character to your wedding that will really impress your guests. 

Mobile Bars for Weddings Is a Great Addition To Your Wedding

A trend that has recently hit the wedding and social party scene is vintage style vehicles that have bars built into them. There are small vans and even cars that double as vintage vehicles which serve beverages. While these vans and cars can really be amazing, the big daddy of them all is the Tiger Cub bus that was converted into a bar. It’s one of the best mobile bars for weddings and it’s truly unique. Adding this vintage bus to your wedding can not only help tremendously with planning but it will also give your guests a real treat, and I’m not just talking about the drinks. 

Make Your Wedding Special with a Mobile Bar Hire

Everyone wants to make their wedding day special. Of course, for the couple that are getting married it’s likely the most special day of their lives. But taking care of the guests at your wedding is a must. Giving them an experience that can be talked about and enjoyed means giving them a unique experience. People will always talk about your wedding day, no matter if it’s good or bad, just what they talk about may be up to you. In order to really make your wedding day unique you may want to check out the mobile bar hire that’s known as Big Al’s Drive In. I’ll give you more details on this unique wedding experience and how you can make this part of your wedding day. 

A Huge Problem at Some Weddings Is the Open Bar… Here’s Why

Having everything planned and ready to go for your wedding takes a long time. In fact, months and sometimes years of planning go into some weddings. All this planning is great but sometimes there is still a lot of guess work involved in the wedding. One of those areas is the open bar for your wedding and reception. Finding someone to take care of this part of your wedding is a much better idea. Getting a cocktail bus hire to do the bar for you is the best bet. I’ll go over why hiring someone is much better than setting up the bar yourself in this article. 

Wedding Catering Food Ideas for a Myrtle Beach Wedding

Wedding Catering Food Ideas for a Myrtle Beach Wedding

When you have a larger wedding one of the more expensive items that is often over looked is food. Having more than 100 guests can really add up when you consider food and alcohol if you have an open bar. There are some things that you can do however to make sure your Myrtle Beach wedding goes off without a hitch however with food. In this article I’ll give you some wedding catering food ideas for your Myrtle Beach wedding. 

Wedding Catering Food Ideas for a Myrtle Beach Wedding

Catering for your wedding can be a difficult choice. One thing that many caterers are very good at is picking out food for a location. That’s why choosing a wedding venue in Myrtle Beach is such an important step. It will make the choice of food much easier for you or the wedding caterer.

Are You Serving Appetizers?

When your guest first arrive are you feeding them appetizers? If you’re doing the appetizers yourself make sure you have the ability to warm them up if needed. Some venues will not have access to microwaves and such for a huge crowd of people. Caterers will likely have warmers and deliver the appetizers themselves.

Adding small finger foods such as fruits, crackers, and cheese are all great choices for appetizers if you’re on a budget. But sometimes wedding caterers will have specialties that go better with the theme of the wedding. For instance, most wedding caterers will likely suggest some sort of seafood or themed food that matches the venue. If you’re having a sunrise wedding in Myrtle Beach then you may be serving breakfast food during the reception.

The Main Course for Your Wedding Dinner

The main course at your wedding dinner should be something memorable. You should also have a choice for 4 different versions of the main course if you’re planning on having any kids attend the wedding. The first choice is the main choice that most people will take. The second choice is just an alternative to the first choice.

For instance, if you’re serving fish or steak at your wedding reception then those are your two main choices. Everything can be the same such as salads and rolls. This will also include almost everyone in the dinner and make it much more memorable for them.

The third choice would be for any vegetarians that may attend your reception. When you’re having a reception for over 100 people you’re likely going to have at least one vegetarian in the mix and it’s important to have food that they will enjoy also.

For the forth choice you’ll need something for the kids to eat. Chicken nuggets seem to be the premier choice for most kids and they work very well since they’re not too messy either when accompanied by french fries.

Whatever food you serve at your wedding make sure you have choices available and they are served in a matter that compliments the food. This is one of the most important aspects of wedding catering food ideas that you’ll want to consider. Most wedding caterers will showcase food in a way that also goes with the theme of the wedding so make sure to incorporate this if you’re doing the catering yourself. You may also be interested in a Myrtle Beach wedding package which includes the catering for the event.