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Willow Tree Cake Topper Review : Should You Buy This Cake Topper?

One of the most important decorations when it comes to your wedding is the wedding cake. What’s even more important is the wedding cake topper that is used. In this Willow Tree cake topper review I’ll discuss one of the more popular and romantic of the wedding cake toppers which is offered by Willow Tree. I’ll also provide some of the advantages and disadvantages of this popular wedding cake topper. 

The Best Gold Wedding Cake Toppers on Amazon

Having a great wedding and reception usually means having everything in place and looking great. It’s an extremely stressful time that can mentally break even the strongest people. One thing that many people overlook during this stressful time is the wedding cake toppers that can take a normal wedding cake and turn it into something fantastic! I wanted to bring you one the best gold wedding cake toppers on Amazon in this post and show you exactly how a wedding cake topper can make an ordinary cake, absolutely extraordinary!

Add Some Flair to Your Wedding Cake with an NDear Cake Topper

Planning your wedding and getting everything in line can be hectic. With so much stuff going on it’s easy to get stressed out and overwhelmed by the entire ordeal. But once the vows have been said and you’ve been introduced to the world and a couple then the real fun begins. The rest of your life together starts and typically the first thing that everyone does is go to a party, errr, reception. Where your cake and some great music is waiting and the festivities will begin. A celebration of your union together. Having a great cake with an awesome cake topper is a must for your reception. One of the best cake toppers today is the NDear Cake Topper available on Amazon. 

Knowing Wedding Cake Prices Will Help with Your Wedding Expenses

Wedding cake prices can vary tremendously based on a number of factors. The average wedding cake price according to the Bridal Association of America is $543. And since there are so many different designs, ingredients, fees, etc.. your wedding cake prices could be more or even less. I’ll go over some of the things that make wedding cakes more expensive and how you can save money on your wedding cake. 

Myrtle Beach Wedding Cakes : Find the Perfect Cake

Myrtle Beach Wedding Cakes : Find the Perfect CakeYour wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It’s the moment when a couple seals their future together and starts a new life together. Choosing to have a Myrtle Beach wedding is great but getting everything in order to have a perfect wedding means you’ll certainly want the best of the Myrtle Beach wedding cakes. I’ll go over a few of the places you can get an incredible wedding cake for your wedding at Myrtle Beach. 

Where to Get Myrtle Beach Wedding Cakes

The following places are from the Myrtle Beach area and are not listed in any specific order. Each one can provide you with some of the best Myrtle Beach wedding cakes that are available. Be sure to look at each website and view their gallery to see previous work.

Cakes By the Sea

If you’re looking for a wedding cake in Myrtle Beach area be sure to check out Cakes by the Sea. It’s owned by Kris and Terry Veigel and they have been serving the area with great cakes for some time. Give them a call today and speak with them about your wedding cake needs at 843-390-5501

Murray and Mikes Catering

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive Myrtle Beach wedding package then you may want to consider Murray and Mike’s Catering and DJ Services. Not only can you get a great looking cake but you can also get the wedding catering and DJ services taken care of as well. A great addition to the services they offer is with a drone taking photographs of the wedding or other special event. Some of their specialty cakes look amazing as well. Be sure to give them a call at 843-685-7064 for more information on your wedding cake.

Crumb Buns Bakery

This is one of the more focused bakeries that we’ve seen here at The main focus is on wedding cakes in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas as well as other custom cakes. If you’re looking for that unique, custom creation then be sure to check out Crumb Buns Bakery. They can provide you with an amazing looking cake at a great price as well. You can reach them by calling 843-663-0886 or by clicking the link above to go to their website which also has their email listed.

Still Can’t Choose?

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect wedding cake then you may want to consider getting a custom cake. Any of the providers above will do a custom wedding cake in Myrtle Beach and it will be unique to you and your partner. If you have a suggestion on a baker that needs to be listed here or the information provided above is incorrect please contact us and we’ll get it straightened out.