A Collection Of The Best Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Marriage is an exciting moment that happens once in a lifetime with exception of certain situations like divorce. It marks the beginning of a new life for two people who love each other. The bride is always the attention on many wedding occasions. There are many ceremonies and rituals that are done to make the union of two people a success. Most of these ceremonies are done prior to wedding day which is meant to allow the bride to shed the shyness and anxiety she may have due to the big day.

A Collection Of The Best Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Such occasions include girl’s evening, pre-marriage night out, bridal shower, among others. Of all these occasions, bridal shower steals the show. During this event, women share advice with the bride-to-be on matters regarding marital responsibilities. This makes the bride become familiar with life changes awaiting her in the new life. This is a beautiful ceremony full of fun and bridal gifts mark the climax of this ceremony. The gifts are a way of showing the bride how special she is to everyone.

Starting a new life may be exciting for the new couple but expensive at the same time. A bridal shower allows the bride to be gifted with some if not all the household essentials she might need in her new life. This will make her transition to the new life smooth and comfortable once she says “YES I DO”.

Most families will come up with a list of what the guests will bring during the bridal shower ceremony. Most gifts entail utensils, upholstery, jewelry, furniture, and utility items. If you have been invited to a bridal shower but do not know what to take with you, we have got you covered. Below are bridal shower gift ideas to help you make the right choice and take a gift that will show you care and support the bride in her new life. And if you’re looking for a more personalized wedding gift we can help too!

And The Blessings of the Lord Rested Upon Us Kitchen Towel

1. Blessings Kitchen Towel

Matrimonial life requires all the support from friends and family to be successful. Show your support to the bride by gifting her with this kitchen towel with a simple message of wishing the Lord’s blessings to be upon them. She will be making a prayer by reading the writings every time she uses it. There is no better way of supporting their marriage than making them pray for God’s blessings every now and then.
Greener Chef Extra Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board with NEW CRACK-PREVENTION TECHNOLOGY & LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY - Best Wood Cutting Boards for Kitchen - Juice Groove for Meat - FDA Approved

2. Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

Make it easy and convenient for the bride to chop things in the kitchen by gifting her with this cutting board. The idea behind bridal shower gifts is to help the newlyweds fill their house with durable requisites. You can achieve that by gifting her with this durable cutting board. Love cannot grow if the man is not well fed. Basically, love starts from the kitchen. Make a point to assist the bride to nurture their love by gifting her with this kitchenware.
Mr. and Mrs. Ceramic Coffee Mugs

3. Mr. and Mrs. Ceramic Coffee Mugs

This set of personalized coffee mugs can make a special bridal shower gift that will be remembered for many years to come. It will also make the bride and groom to bond into one entity every time they have coffee in a Mr. and Mrs. Mugs. It keeps them linked together in some way.

BOLDLOFT Tie The Knot Couple Pillowcases

4. Tie The Knot Couple Pillowcases

Everyone appreciates a good night of sleep. Make the bride enjoy a comfortable night by giving her these cute couple Pillowcases. It is a great way to keep their bond strong each day they lay their heads. You will have done your part as a friend or relative in nurturing and supporting the young love.
Fashioncraft Vintage Double Heart Design Knife And Cake Server Set

5. Vintage Double Heart Design Knife And Cake Server Set

The wedding day marks the climax of the preparation done to make two people become one entity. Other than the exchange of the vows, cutting the cake is the other part that is eagerly awaited by many. It is one of the most memorable moments of the wedding day. In fact, most people while asked what they remember about a certain wedding, they would comment about how the cake was in terms of shape, size, color, and taste.

Make it even more special and memorable by gifting the bridal with this knife and cake server set. It is designed in a symbol of love which is the theme of the day and she will truly treasure it.

Bride - 10 oz Stemless Champagne Glass - Bridal Shower Gift, Wedding Gift, Engagement Gift

6. Champagne Glass

This toasting glass is one of the most elegant gifts you can give the bride. It has a bride engraving which can make her feel special. You will surely stir excitement in her by giving her this champagne glass.
HD Mini Digital Camera

7. Mini Camera

Photography is an important part of a wedding. Even though the couples may hire a professional photographer, they will want to have a private session. This is mostly during the honeymoon. The photographer services will not be required at these moments. However, every moment during the big day merits to be captured as it only takes place once in a lifetime.

Give them a gift to capture these private moments. A small camera can help them to capture videos or pictures for reminding themselves of the fun they had after the honeymoon.


8. Sleeping gown

While most guests are thinking about the cake during the wedding day, the couples are most likely thinking of the fun awaiting them later in the night. You can contribute to making the night fun by spicing up things for them in the bed. Wondering how? Consider this sexy sleeping gown as your bridal shower gift. It will not only be useful and special for that night, but also for a long time in their matrimonial life.

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

9. Storage, shelving, and organizers

Help the bride to keep her house in order by gifting with this closet organizer. Since the couple is starting a new life, they may most likely have a small house. Help her save space through this storage and organize for a neat house. Being organized will contribute to making the house aesthetic appealing.

10. Necklace and Earrings Bridal Jewelry Sets

Do you care about how the bride will be dressed during her special day? Well, if you do there is something you can do to make her look amazing. Giving her this set of beautiful necklace and earrings can boost her appearance to a great level.
Personalized Mr and Mrs Picture Frame, Wedding Gift, Bridal Shower Gift

11. Photo Frame

A photo frame is a very nice gifting option for a bride-to-be. She can put her favorite pic to look any time she wishes. Every time she goes to dress she will be remembering you when she sees the photo frame. It is good for placing on the dressing mirror or use as décor in the interior.
Ceramic Serving Tray - Decorative White 14 Inch Lead Free Stoneware Platter Made in USA

12. Breakfast in bed tray

A breakfast in bed is a fantastic way of showing romance to your loved one. Make a point to take part in ensuring the love between the couples continues to shine by gifting the bride with a tray for carrying breakfast to bed. It will be a gift she will treasure and remember for a long period in her matrimonial life as she will be seeing it often.
Oval Pure White Ceramic Flower Vase - Waterfall Textured Elegant Design - Ideal Gifts for Friends and Family, Christmas, Wedding, Bridal Shower - Home Decor Vase

13. Flower vase

Ensure the bride’s new house is fresh by having a place to put new flowers. The air fresheners in the market may cause allergic reactions to the bride. But she will need to keep her house fresh. A flower vase can be a good bridal shower gift idea to ensure her has a fresh fragrance.

14. Tags

Stationery with bearing a Mr. and Mrs. tags are another good choice for a gift for the bride. They make a good art to improve the beauty of the couple’s interior.


Bridal Shower Gift

15. Throw blanket

Bridal shower gifts are meant to show your caring towards the newlyweds. You can keep them warm as in bed by choosing this Mr. and Mrs. throw blanket as your gift to show how much you care.

16. Sexy Lingerie Set

A set of sexy lingerie is one of the modern bridal shower gift ideas. Some people see it as a form of luxury but they it can be a good way to add romance to the bedroom. If romance in the bedroom fails, the marriage may not last for long. Take an initiative of ensuring the love between the two lovebirds goes a long way by gifting the bride with a set of sexy lingerie.
Creative Love Gift WallClock Free Combination Of Living Room Art Red Heart-shaped Wall Clock

17. Wall Clock

Remind the bride-to-be every other time of the day is love time with this creative love gift wall clock. The clock is well crafted where it can give the living room a sense of beauty.
ElegantPark Bride Tote Bag Gold Sequin Wedding Bridal Shower Bachelorette Gift

18. Bride Tote Bag

A tote bag can provide the bride with a stylish and functional shopping means. The bag is not restricted to shopping only. She can use it to carry a laptop, use to go to work or any other purpose. Basically, a tote bag will provide her with a versatile means of carrying her personal accessories.
spa wedding gift

19. Spa Gift Basket

A basket with fragrances and relaxation items can grab the attention of the bride. The items good be massage oil, sweet smelling shampoo, deodorants or basically anything that can be used to freshen up or relax.
The Modern Bride Survival Guide

20. Bridal Survival Guidebook

Lastly, the wedding day is a very special moment for the bride. She should be well composed in order to enjoy every moment of the day. A guide on how to survive during that day can be a good way of letting her know everything she needs on that big day. The idea is to make her relaxed and reduce anxiety. She will appreciate your efforts of ensuring her big day becomes a success.


The idea of giving bridal shower gifts dates many years back. A story is told where a father refused to acknowledge the marriage of her daughter and refused to pay her dowry. The villagers sympathized with the girl and came together to give her various household items to start her new life. It was at this point that people saw it as a good idea of preparing the bride into marriage life by giving household items. A ceremony with the name bridal shower was born at that point.

Bridal shower gifts nowadays are not only meant for equipping house. It is a way of expressing how much you care for the newlyweds and wish them success in their matrimonial life. A blessings kitchen towel is a good example of this. It is not a basic household prerequisite but it’s a way of giving your blessings to them.

If you have been invited to a bridal shower but you are confused about what to carry, the above are some bridal shower gift ideas for you. Your relationship with the bride determines which bridal shower gift you chose to go with. You have to consider the personality of the bride and theme of her shower. You do not want to look lost in the ceremony. This means you are not restricted to the above gifts only. You may choose to take something else. As long as you take something with to the ceremony, the bride will appreciate.

You do not have to have a huge budget to afford a bridal shower gift. Just choose something that is useful to the bride and one that will cheer her. You do not have to break your bank when you decide to go with any of the above bridal shower gift ideas. Packaging determines how your bridal shower gift will be perceived. Use a beautiful wrapping say using a ribbon with a color that the bride likes.

The bridal shower is one of the most important days of the bride. Make her feel special and appreciate her for the love she has found. Show her encouragement before she says the vows and gets into matrimonial life. There is no better way of doing all this other than using a gift. You cannot go wrong in your endeavors to make her happy by choosing to go with any of the above bridal shower gift ideas.

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