Best Wedding Songs For The First Dance

Even if you are not a passionate music lover, you unlikely can imagine your life without music. When celebrating, we listen to music, when having a nostalgia, we also listen to music, and even when experiencing grief, we need music as well. Why music is so important to us? The answer is evident: it accompanies human emotions, makes them brighter and more eloquent, helps in creating strong associative links and memorizing moments. However, the more responsible the moment we have, the more complicated it is choosing the best music for it. If you have experienced looking for the wedding song, you know what we mean. To make this task easier, we offer you the list of best songs for the first wedding dance.

Loving You Easy, Zac Brown Band

Happiness is being together, admiring the smallest joys of shared time and space. If you agree with this thought, the song “Loving You Easy” is just for you. This composition is a masterful plexus of lyric and rhythm bringing to the listeners a light atmosphere of peace, family harmony, and exaltation. When it sounds, people cannot help but smile even when they are upset. You can feel easiness in every word and music sound and dance with ease as well – this song does not require intricate movements to make your first dance impressive and memorable.

Over And Over Again, Nathan Sykes

Charming lyric, which makes the couple to wander through all the moments of family life just for four minutes. While dancing you can recall your first meeting, first date, first kiss, and proposal, feel how special you are to each other and experience the sweet anticipation for the impending happy moments. It provokes looking back on your love story and inspires you for dreaming about the future. You can fill the moments of dancing with utterly individual context and fix your emotions in your hearts for many next years.

Could I Have This Kiss Forever, Whitney Houston ft. Enrique Iglesias

Across the years, this legendary duet continues impressing the listeners. This song is an everlasting anthem for true, hot and eternal love. It sounds like a mutual declaration of love. It is what you are looking for, is not it? Each couple wants to have the emotions they experience on the wedding day forever. They want this night will never end, to look in honey’s eyes over and over, know whether their happiness can last forever. It seems this song was created to become a composition for the first wedding dance.

Dancing at a Wedding

Diamond Ring, Bon Jovi

Listing best songs for the first dance, one cannot remember this euphonically song enveloping the listeners by romantic and utter warmness. Indeed, the diamond wedding rings are highly associated with sincere love, closeness and desire to be with a person forever. Bon Jovi sings, “you are my everything”. This phrase is a red line for each wedding, so you will not fail when choosing this composition for your first dance. For sure, it will make the dancing moments as atmospheric as they only could be.

Your Song, Elton John

The song telling about the feelings that cannot be expressed by means of the words. The emotions underlay everything in the world, motivate us to be better than we are, make beautiful deeds, and paint our life with all the hues of a rainbow. All this you can feel while listening to this Top of the pops 1971, which has preserved its actuality till our days. “How wonderful life is while you’re in the world” – the primary message highlighting the exceptional value of any life moment and complementing the aura of wedding dance with special shades.

Something, The Beatles

One should not be ideal to be loved. There is always something that differs us from others and this “something” attracts truly our persons to our life. The song brings a unique opportunity to feel oneself special and that is why it is the best choice for the first wedding dance. Sweet and rhythmic melody is a good ground for creating a stunning dance by involving a diverse dance moves. Believe us, choosing this song you will get incredible pleasure and impress your guests with a powerful manifestation of your love.

Bride and Groom Dance at Wedding

I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, Aerosmith

Aerosmith’s song is among the most emotional one. It involves bright ups and downs of melody; starting with the tenderness it gains the force and becomes so powerful at the end. It is like a soul’s cry calling us to appreciate every moment spent together, enjoy the smallest details like smile or breathing. We do this on our wedding day but often forget about this in further life. So, the song not only makes your dance memorable but also will be a ‘personal reminder’ refreshing your feelings.

This list could be continued endlessly. There are so many beautiful songs in the world and it is not an easy task to choose the best one. We, hope we have provided you with a direction for your search. Just listen to your heart, be guided by your personal emotions, create the associative links and you will make the right choice.


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