7 Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Jewellery

In one of the most celebrated weddings in history, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married on May 19. Everyone celebrated the couple’s commitment to each other and everything about the wedding was marvelous! Pulling off the perfect wedding isn’t easy but with proper planning and the best vendors, you too can have a spectacular wedding. One of the key points that everyone is talking about is the wedding jewellery that Meghan Markle was wearing. Choosing the wedding jewellery for your wedding can be difficult but stick with what worked for Meghan Markle and you should be okay. Check out this wedding jewellery site which includes a replica for Meghan Markle’s wedding tiara. We’ll include 7 tips to help you make the most of your wedding below.

7 Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Jewellery

Wedding Jewellery

Not All Your Wedding Jewellery Has To Match

When you announce you’re getting married to the world chances are you’ll have loads of family members that want to tell you about their wedding day. This can be a great experience but it usually comes with suggestions and maybe even pieces of jewellery that they want you to wear. This can be quite overwhelming, to say the least. Many brides don’t want to wear anything that isn’t coordinated with their other jewellery or their dress but it’s important to realize that not everything has to match perfectly. Of course, you’ll need to judge this for yourself but sometimes family heirlooms can mean the most at your wedding.

Stay Away From Trendy Jewellery for Your Wedding

There are many vendors that offer a plethora of different styles today. These trendy styles and fads can come and go quickly and if you’re relying on a trendy style for your wedding it can end up in disaster. This can especially be true if your wedding is over 6 months away. Trends change and by the time your wedding gets here, the trend may have changed. That’s not to say you can’t have up to date items in your wedding but keep away from trendy, flashy styles.

Inject Your Style and Culture

The wedding jewellery that you choose for your wedding day should be special to you. If you’re just looking for something that looks good, then make sure it still has some of your personality in it. Sometimes the smallest piece of jewellery can mean so many years later because it had shown your style or culture. Don’t just go for flashy jewellery, let your culture shine through.

Price Isn’t Everything

As with any type of wedding product, when it comes to wedding jewellery you can spend as much money as you like. In fact, some of the wedding jewellery that has been used in the Royal Wedding was tens of thousands of dollars. For most people spending that much money on a wedding just isn’t possible. It’s important to have a budget for your wedding jewellery and try to stick with it.

Avoid Over Doing It with your Wedding Jewellery

Getting married means you’ll be the star of the show that day. Looking your best is important and sometimes the pressure of your wedding day can be overwhelming. Because of the added stress, many brides tend to overdo the wedding jewellery. They get to the point where they want to really shine and not have any flaws when they actually have too much going on. One thing you’ll need to consider when purchasing wedding jewellery is that it should always be less than the dress. The importance of the appearance is you, then the dress, then the wedding jewellery. Don’t overdo it and you should be okay.

Staying Comfortable in your Wedding Jewellery is Important

Wearing lots of jewellery for an extended amount of time can get uncomfortable. Whatever you choose for your wedding make sure that you can remain comfortable while wearing it. You’ll need at least a few hours with the jewellery on. You can test this beforehand to determine the right amount that you can wear comfortably for your wedding day.

What About Using the Jewellery After Your Wedding Day

Getting the best jewellery available for your wedding day can truly make it special. However, it’s important to consider what you’ll do with the jewellery after the marriage is done. Consider getting wedding jewellery that you can use in other situations in your life to get the most our of your wedding jewelry.

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