5 Ways to Honor Your Roots at Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is tough, and there are lots of things you need to take into consideration. One of those is honoring your roots, and staying true to who you are. Below, we’ve rounded up five ways to do exactly that, so you can focus on organizing the day of your dreams…

Get married locally

It’s easy to want to jet off to the Caribbean and get married somewhere hot and luxurious, but if you want to honor your roots then you should get married locally. Whether that means booking out your local community center or flying to Ireland as an Irish-American, there are lots of ways to stay true to your background and thank your local community for bringing you up. What’s more, getting married locally makes it easier for your friends and family, too; they won’t have to travel far, meaning you’ll have more bums on seats during your nuptials…

Keep it traditional

It’s very important that you acknowledge your parents and family by honoring your heritage, and there’s no better way to do that by than by harking back to local traditions. Whether planning a traditional Asian wedding or a Jewish wedding, there are lots of small nuances and quirks that you can embed into your ceremony that will really mean something to your family – and allow you to say thank you to the cultures and people who made you who you are. The team at Claddagh Rings has put together a fantastic infographic rounding up Irish wedding traditions – lots of food for thought if you’re an Irish-American planning a wedding…

5 ways to honor your roots at your wedding

Involve your family

Another way to honor your roots is to involve your family wherever you can. Aside from the obvious like asking your sister to be a bridesmaid and have your father walk you down the aisle, ask your family to help you tick a few things off your wedding checklist, invite your mother inlaw to your dress fitting and have your family walk down the aisle before you arrive at the venue – it’s a great way to honor their hard work in raising you and making them a part of your celebrations. You can also honor those who are no longer with us with a candle or photograph and ask the photographer to take some family-only photos to make memories.

Hire a musician

Hiring a musician to perform at your wedding is another way to give back to your community and to honor your roots in exciting ways. Organize a setlist of songs you’d like your musician to perform songs that really mean something to you as a couple and your extended family – and allow others to make requests on the night. Rehearsals are a great idea, too – you don’t want to hire a musician that is going to keep people off the dancefloor or encourage them to go home early. And keep their set short – an hour is enough, followed by a DJ for the party.

Blend cultures

If you’re marrying into a different culture or religion, then finding a way to fuse together the two is very important. First, make it clear that it’s your wedding, and try not to worry too much about what others will think. Consider pre-marital counseling so that you’re both on the same page when it comes to faith, finances, and other details, and don’t feel you have to put all your cultural eggs in one basket. On the day of your wedding, consider reading your vows in multiple languages and offer explanations of wedding rituals and their significance in your wedding program so that your guests can appreciate their symbolism. Finally, be inventive with the food, and stay true to you – showcase your own personalities, traditions, and beliefs.

There you have it – just some ways to honor your roots at your wedding and keep everyone happy. Whatever you’ve got planned, we hope your wedding is everything you wished for.

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