7 Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Jewellery

In one of the most celebrated weddings in history, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married on May 19. Everyone celebrated the couple’s commitment to each other and everything about the wedding was marvelous! Pulling off the perfect wedding isn’t easy but with proper planning and the best vendors, you too can have a spectacular wedding. One of the key points that everyone is talking about is the wedding jewellery that Meghan Markle was wearing. Choosing the wedding jewellery for your wedding can be difficult but stick with what worked for Meghan Markle and you should be okay. Check out this wedding jewellery site which includes a replica for Meghan Markle’s wedding tiara. We’ll include 7 tips to help you make the most of your wedding below.

How to Choose a Florist for Your Wedding Flowers

Finding the perfect florist to provide flowers for your wedding is much different than any other time you’ll send flowers. Unlike Mother’s Day or someone’s birthday, having the perfect flowers for your wedding takes a lot of planning and there are many pitfalls along the way. Choosing a great florist can help tremendously when planning your wedding flowers, but what exactly should you look for in a wedding florist? We’ll take a closer look at this topic and give you the secrets to ensure your wedding flowers are awesome!

Choosing the Best Wedding Entertainment in Melbourne Tips

One item that many couples overlook when planning their wedding is the entertainment. Sure you can hire a DJ to play the old-time familiar favorites that everyone expects but do you really want to same cookie-cutter entertainment that everyone else does? Having a unique experience for your guests and you can give you a more memorable wedding and it allows you to better choose how the evening goes. When choosing entertainment for your wedding in Melborne it’s always best to use a live band. By using a live band for your wedding entertainment they can change the mood, song, or speed based on the audience. A live band can create enthusiasm in the audience and can quickly fill up a dance floor. However, the band you choose for your wedding can make a huge difference as well.

How to Choose Your New York Wedding Photographer

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to your wedding is going to be the wedding photographer. While every aspect of the wedding is important, and let’s face it, it’s one of the most important days of your life, the wedding photographer is one of the toughest decisions. Unlike other vendors you’ll consult with during your wedding planning, the wedding photographer is solely responsible for capturing your special day. In ten years you may not remember that the food was sub-par, or that the venue didn’t have adequate parking, but for the wedding photographer, the results are apparent each time you look at the photos from your wedding. Choosing the best wedding photographer for your wedding can be much easier if you follow these few tips for choosing a wedding photographer in New York.

How to Buy Diamonds and Engagement Rings Online

Just a few years ago many people were hesitant on buying products online. Even when it came to a low-cost product such as a t-shirt, consumers worried that something was going to go wrong. Today, you can get almost anything online from prepared meals to the cars we drive. We’ve learned as consumers that the cost benefit of getting items online is huge and with proper research and reading of reviews you can get a great product. Buying diamonds and engagement rings online is a great way to save money and ensure you’re getting what you pay for. We’ll take a look at some tips you should do when purchasing a diamond or engagement ring online.

Tips for Choosing the Best Beach Wedding Dresses

A popular choice for many couples today is a destination wedding. But not just any destination wedding, a beach destination wedding. It’s one of the most memorable weddings that are happening today and if you’re planning a destination wedding at a beach there are some things you’ll want to consider when getting a beach wedding dress. We’ll go over some tips you’ll need to consider when purchasing a beach wedding dress for your destination wedding along with some things you should look out for when planning a beach wedding.

Getting Unique Save the Dates for Destination Weddings is a Must for Your Wedding Day

Getting married can be an awesome experience. From the moment the proposal was said it can be a whirlwind experience. But once you’ve worked out some of the details and you have a date set and a venue selected, things start to get real. Now instead of a generalized time in the future, you can start counting down the days. And nothing sets the date in stone more than the save the date cards for your wedding. It’s like announcing to the world that you and your partner are ready to take the next step, and here’s when and where we’ll do it! Getting unique save the date cards that are part of a set is the trend these days and they look great. Take a look at these unique save the dates for destination weddings and you’ll see just how amazing some of these can be.

Wedding Videography isn’t a Choice but a Must These Days

Having a wedding photographer is a great way to capture moments in your wedding and give you a chance to look back and relive those moments. But there is another option that is truly a must when it comes to capturing memories of your special day. A wedding usually takes months of planning and attention to details. But when the wedding day arrives it seems to go by in a blur for most couples. This leaves a lot to be missed and capturing those moments with video can help you create that magic day again. It’s not enough to just have wedding photos, you’ll need to hire someone who does wedding videography as well. One company that does that really well is the Moon & Back Co.

A Unique and Memorable Way for Music at Your Wedding: A Live Band

When it comes to entertainment for your wedding and reception there are typically two choices; a DJ or a live band. Both can create a great environment and can give you just the entertainment that you’re looking for. However, having a live band at your wedding is so much better. A live band makes the entire occasion much more unique and memorable. From the music that is played that’s fun and energetic to the soft acoustic tunes that resonate during a slow dance. This type of emotion in the music usually can’t be obtained with a DJ.